Girl Under Pressure by Michele E. Corriveau



Maggie Baxter has been keeping secrets for more than twenty years. They’ve taken a serious toll on her health and her marriage. Now the pressure of all those secrets is beginning to chip away at her sanity.
Maggie loves her husband, Alex, but she’s terrified that she will lose him and their children. When her past just included anorexia, stealing, and a mental institution, she had a chance to make Alex understand. But how can she explain rape, murder, and a pedophile? Every day she lives within a carefully constructed web of lies waiting for the perfect moment to tell Alex the truth. But perfect moments only happen in fairy tales and Maggie’s life is no fairy tale. The pressure is now so bad she’s beginning to hear voices.
When a tragic incident thrusts her family into the national spotlight, Maggie is forced to make a decision. If she tells the police everything she knows, all her secrets will become public knowledge. If she doesn’t, she will add another unbearable secret to all the rest. Maggie knows this could cause her to lose her last tenuous grip on sanity. Either way she knows she is going to end up in a very bad place.


This was very interesting book. I think the blurb gives too much away, i had the book for a long time and i didn´t read the blurb recently, so it didn´t spoil it for me, but now seen it, it take some surprises away.
The story got my attention since the start, and it kept a realy good pace, alternates between past and present. I don’t think there was a moment were i lost attention, i think the author made a great job on that matter.
The conflicts the main character sees her self into, sometimes appear to be so simple, but she doesn’t have the ability to do things different to the way she is used to. Her emotions, fear, dispair but mostly anxiety, was so well transmited, i think that is one of the strong point of it.
I liked Alex too, sometimes he seem to be too perfect, but the events make him act different and made him more believable.
One issue i have was the fact that, sometimes, it felt like the person who telling the story was constantly changing and it made difficult to keep track.
Other than that, i think it was a really great book that makes a believable portray, not of a disease, but of the way a person and a family deal with a mental illnes, how hard, confusing, frustrating it becomes to deal with it.
It’s definetly not a happy book, but i think it’s an important one if the reader wants to have a better understanding of how a mental illness feels like.


The Realm of Possibility by David Levithan



One school. Twenty voices.

Endless possibilities.

There’s the girl who is in love with Holden Caulfield. The boy who wants to be strong who falls for the girl who’s convinced she needs to be weak. The girl who writes love songs for a girl she can’t have. The two boys teetering on the brink of their first anniversary. And everyone in between.

As he did in the highly acclaimed Boy Meets Boy, David Levithan gives us a world of unforgettable voices that readers will want to visit again and again. It’s the realm of possibility open to us all – where love, joy, and the stories we tell will linger.


It was an ok book. I don´t like that much poetry and that was a big of a trouble for me. On other hand i found the character realy sweet and the stories they told, some also sweet and some kind of sad. I could´t care much for all the characters because there was  too much of them and that make difficult to make a real connections or get to fully understand each of them, mostly because some of them had very short chapters, but the ones that i got to love were so beautiful.  Other problem i had, but not with the book but myself, was the fact that sometimes it remind me too much some movies i have seen that have similar way to tell the stories, from the diferent points of view (like Gus van Sant´s Elephant and Murali K. Thalluri´s 2:37). Probably without seen this movies i would have had a better acceptance of the book. I do believe it was a good ook and i can see a lot of people loving it. It just wasn´t the right one for me.


Fue un buen libro, pero no soy alguien a quien le guste mucho la poesía por lo cual fue un poco difícil leerlo.Algunas historias y personajes fueron muy agradables, pero también hubo algunas historias mas bien tristes, lo cual pareció apropiado. Algunos capítulos fueron muy cortos y esto hizo que, para mi, fuera fácil llegar a conocer realmente a los personajes, o llegar a sentir algo por ellos. Otro de los problemas que tuve con la historia, aunque no se cual vino antes, fue la similitud que tiene con algunas películas y series que he visto, en las cuales la historia es contada de esa misma forma, desde varios puntos de vista de los distintos personajes y poco a poco haciendo conexiones entre ellos. Probablemente si hubiera leído el libro antes de verlos, apreciaría un poco mas el libro.

Creo que el libro es bueno, simplemente no es el adecuado para mi, ya sea por la edad o por el la manera en que no pude evitar hacer comparaciones con las películas, pero en general creo que es un libro que puede ser disfrutados por varias personas.


The Subs Club (The Subs Club #1) by J.A. Rock



A year ago, my best friend Hal died at the hands of an incompetent “dom.” So I started the Subs Club, a private blog where submissives can review doms and call out the douche bags.

A perfect example of the kind of arrogant asshole I mean? The Disciplinarian. He has a pornstache. He loves meat, stoicism, America, and real discipline. And he thinks subs exist to serve him.

But . . . not everything about him is awful. His Davy Crockett act just seems like a cover for his fear of intimacy, and part of me wants to show him it’s okay to get close to people. And, I mean, sue me, but I have fantasized about real discipline. Not role-play, but like, Dave, you’re gonna be thirty in four years and you still work in a mall; get your ass in gear or I’ll spank it.

Not that I’d ever trust anyone with that kind of control.

I’m gonna redefine “battle of wills” for the Disciplinarian. Or I’m gonna bone him. It’s hard to say.




I loved this story, i loved the characters. I wasn’t so sure to read a book that involve BDSM but i end up loving it. It was a very interesting point of view, the one that was taken by the author, trying to talk about safety in situations that might be consider risky, and talk about things no one wants to talk about. It was also interesting to see the different reactions when someone try to change things, it seems very real to me. One of the things i loved the most were the characters, very likable and i end up the book wanting to know more of David’s friends, they all were so lovely. It was such a fun book to read, i found myself laughing on several ocassions but also have some very serious issues too, like safety and I think prejudice is a very important aspect on the book, and it’s portray on several ocasions.
overall an amazing book and i will read the next one of the series as soon as i can.
It completly change what i was thinking about BDSM stories and i’ll be seeking for more.


Me encantó esta historia , me encantaron los personajes . No estaba segura de leer un libro sobre BDSM pero terminó gustándome mucho. Tenia un interesante punto de vista , tratando de hablar acerca de la seguridad en situaciones que podrían ser consideradas de riesgo, y hablar de cosas que nadie quiere hablar . También fue interesante ver las diferentes reacciones cuando alguien intenta cambiar las cosas, lo cual me pareció muy realista.  Una de las cosas que más me gustó fueron los personajes, todos ellos eran tan encantadores. Fue un libro muy divertido de leer, me encontré riendo en varias ocasiones , pero también toca algunos aspectos muy serios, como la seguridad y  el prejuicio, el cual creo que es un aspecto muy importante en el libro y se ve en varias ocasiones a lo largo de la historia. En general un libro maravilloso y definitivamente  voy a leer el siguiente de la serie tan pronto como pueda. 

Buried Desires by Ofelia Gränd and Amy Specto



BURIED DESIRES – A Horror Double Feature


From a gothic tale of love to a story of terrifying secrets and twisted obsession, Buried Desires is a pairing of fun and fright by two new names in gay horror.

*** Includes special links for two BONUS Hidden Chapter short stories, only available with the Buried Desires eBook. ***

Cold Fingers – a love story
by Amy Spector

Christopher Minnick is at a bad place in his life. Turning thirty and newly out of the hospital, the last thing he wants to do is attend a birthday dinner even if it is being thrown in his honor.

When he is introduced to a friend’s godson things just might be starting to look up. Or are they?

All the good ones are either married or straight. Or they’re necrophiliacs.

Deadly Sugar – you can never be too thin
by Ofelia Gränd

After six years of a relationship going nowhere, Jett has moved away to start over. Maybe his new neighbour David can help distract him from the ache left by his ex’s absence.

David on the other hand has a whole root cellar full of lovers. He doesn’t need another one. And no matter what treats Jett offers, David knows nothing tastes as good as thin feels.



I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Deadly Sugar.
I felt this was a very interesting story, out of the ordinary. I’m always please to see an author who is willing to go outside of what is expected, and in this case i was very glad to have the oportunity of reading this story. I was very intrigued by David, i liked this character very much, i was trying to figure out his motives all the time and for some strange reason i was hoping he could get what he wanted, i believe that my feelings around this particular character are a proof of how good the author is, if she has the ability to make such character simpatetic to a reader. On the other hand, i felt a bit underwhelmed by the horror factor. I was thinking i would be frightened by it but it didn’t happened, even then i did foind the story interesting and i was wanting to know what would happen next.

Cold Fingers.
in this story i had a really big issue with the blurb, because there was a word that work as a spoiler to me. It was interesting and the characters were likable, yet i feet like it should be a little longer because i think there is so much more interesting things about them that the reader should know, at least i ended the story wanting to know more. I’m not sure if i was too distracted reading it but i found myself confused a few times while reading. I think the events at the end made the story so much more interesting.

Overall, and talking about both stories, i think were very entertaining, neither as spooky as i might expect but still really good and worth giving a try. Both stories are out of the ordinary and therefor might be not for everybody, but for the ones who want to read something diferent, this stories might be a good choice.

Nightingale by Aleksandr Voinov


In Nazi-occupied Paris, most Frenchmen tread warily, but gay nightclub singer Yves Lacroix puts himself in the spotlight with every performance. As a veteran of France’s doomed defense, a survivor of a prison camp, and a “degenerate,” he knows he’s a target. His comic stage persona disguises a shamed, angry heart and gut-wrenching fear for a sister embedded in the Resistance.

Yet Yves ascends the hierarchy of Parisian nightlife to become a star, attracting the attention—and the protection—of the Nazi Oberst Heinrich von Starck. To complicate matters further, young foot soldier Falk Harfner’s naïve adoration of Yves threatens everything he’s worked for. So does Aryan ideologue von Grimmstein, rival to von Starck, who sees something “a bit like a Jew” in Yves.

When an ill-chosen quip can mean torture at the hands of the Gestapo, being the acclaimed Nightingale of Paris might cost Yves his music and his life.


I was given this book free for review.
I’m a bit sad for not loving it as much as other reviewers. But even if not loving it, i do believe is a really great book. Its set up on an interesting time and place on history. The main character Yves is very likable and has to deal with so many issues to become as happy as he can possibly be, under the circumtances he is living. I believe one of the constant companions on the book is fear, there is not a moment on the book where the fear is not present, even if is just as stage fright, is always there and makes dificult to think Yves would be able to conquer it. It makes him take hard decisions and sometimes going against what he believes in, and to see himself as a coward even if he is just reacting to the circunstances and trying to protect himself and the ones he love. I saw von Grimmstein as a metaphor of fear or even of war, not always physically present but still present in the mind of Yves as a constant reminder of how things can go easily bad and how little control he had against it.
The issue i had with the book were the other characters, Heinrich and Falk, because i got the feeling i didnt get to know them as much as Yves and i keep wondering about them, mostly about Falk, i wish i would known a bit more about him. But still with that issue i had, one of the things i liked the most about those two character was the fact that they were portray as humans beings, not just as a villain they may be seen as. It made the story very interesting to try to understand the feelings behind a uniform and i feel that was realy well made.
Overall i think it was a great book, realy well made and very fascinating.
I also have to say that the art made on the cover is just stunning.

Hard Games (The Hidden Talents Trilogy #3) by Claire Cray


Rogue psychics with devious plans. Mysterious youths with shocking pasts. Tangled webs of sex, love and madness. Enter the world of Talents: Born with extraordinary powers, these outsiders rely on each other to survive.

Hidden Talents Trilogy, Book 3

Ken never expected to be spending most of his time with a sneaky, irritating telepath. He knows Jin can’t be trusted, that he’s just a double agent for the precognitive Jackson Gadamer, that there are hidden motives behind those endless smirks and hungry looks. So why hasn’t Ken pushed him away by now? How did the telepath get so close?

Jackson’s cryptic methods are starting to wear on Jin, but working for a precognitive means silencing your own judgment. Still, it’s getting hard to remember why he’s taking orders from anyone but Ken. Falling for the strange, frighteningly powerful young Talent was a stupid idea, but now all Jin wants is to keep Ken to himself — and away from KGA.

Jackson’s been plotting to overthrow KGA since he was old enough to matter. Now the brutal psychic organization is closing in on the Talents, and his plans are about to be tested. All he needs is for Ken and Jin to play their roles. But when Jackson’s prophecies catch up with the force of nature that is Ken, not even the precognitive can predict just how this battle will unfold — or who will make it out alive.

Content warnings: Multiple m/m sex scenes and a little m/f; major character death; references to past abuse, human trafficking, suicide and psychological trauma; violence; explicit language; hurt/comfort themes; unhinged psychics with dubious morals; fun.


Another great book. Very interesting, good pace, i think this is the most exciting of all, maybe because in the other ones the reader gets to know the characters and it goes a bit slow, but in this one, everything is happening and its so good. What i liked the most of this one is how the characters start to have changes, they grow stronger and is so much action that i couldn’t read fast enough. What i didn’t like is that i keep wanting more, i dont like that this is the end, i would like to know more, maybe backstories from the secondary characters.

I have some thoughts about the characters, nor just on this book but the whole series
Mark jus go on the background to me, i dont find him particuraly interesting, in any case i found him less annoying that i did before, just the same with Dylan but he was more likable.
Lip and Kel are just great and i wish there was a backstory from the, they are just great, specialy Lip, i love how he gets to be the leader but i think there is so much of him than just that.
About Jen i need to know more, maybe in the books she wasnt impresive enough for me, but she have so much potential.
I loved Jackson, very intriguing and amazing, i’m always on the bad guys side, but in his case i can’t realy see him as the bad guy, not all the time because i dont think he really mean harm anyone, he just wanted to be out of a situation and yes, he is very manipulative, but maybe that was the charm for me.
Sky has always been my favourite character, maybe i like how messed up he is or maybe how histrionic he acts, but there is something about him that i loved.
Ken and Jin were great, i was more interested on Jin because he is so fun and i loved a funny character.
Overall i think it was an amazing book, i loved the characters so much. I really hope this is not the end of this, i wish for more cause they are just great.

Wind Change (The Hidden Talents Trilogy #2) by Claire Cray


Rogue psychics with devious plans. Mysterious youths with shocking pasts. Tangled webs of sex, love and madness. Enter the world of Talents: Born with extraordinary powers, these outsiders rely on each other to survive.

Hidden Talents Trilogy, Book 2

There’s only person in the world Jin trusts: his boss, the ruthless precognitive Jackson Gadamer. When Jackson gave the bizarre order to run off and seek refuge with a rogue group of Talents until further notice, Jin didn’t hesitate. But the waiting game is more complicated than the rebellious telepath expected…and the company much more compelling.

Ken is a total enigma. With mismatched green eyes, head-to-toe scars and a glare that could freeze the sun, the mysterious young Talent has Jin captivated to the point of obsession. The secretive brat seems determined to keep his true powers hidden. But when one of his psychic abilities spiral outs of control, it’s Jin who comes to the rescue…and Ken starts to see the telepath in a different light.

As Jin finally starts to bond with Ken, he starts to wonder how the strange young Talent figures into Jackson’s plans. It’s hard to question a man who can see the future, but there’s something about Ken that Jin wants to keep to himself. When Ken’s curiosity turns into a tantalizing invitation, Jin realizes he’s in over his head…and all he wants to do is dive even deeper.

Content warnings: Multiple m/m sex scenes and a little m/f; references to past abuse, human trafficking, suicide and psychological trauma; violence; explicit language; hurt/comfort themes; unhinged psychics with dubious morals; fun.


This book was as great as the first one. Again, one of the things i think it might be a problem is that is not a stand alone and you need to read the first one before, but to me that was good since i loved the first one and loved this one too.
First, i think this is more interesting because the reader already know the characters and then can concentrate on the plot and not getting to know the characters as happens on the first one.
I believe the pace is a bit faster in this part. The writting and plot just as good as the first one, My favourite part, the characters become even more interesting here because you get to know more of then and because little changes in some of them start to happend and that is just so great.