All Roads Lead to Hades by K.S. Morgan



When Jamie was five, his family was murdered. The murderer had never been found.

Now, at twenty two, his life is still in danger, but Jamie stopped caring a long time ago. Meeting strange, secretive Kyle breaks his gloomy routine.

He finds himself intrigued. He finds himself wanting.

He is ready almost for everything, just to stay with Kyle… even if Kyle himself might be the reason for the endless nightmare that is his life.

*Warning: M/M; situations that some readers may find objectionable.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Thank so much to K.S. Morgan and the M/M Romance Group for the oportunity of reading it because i realy loved it.

I had a bit issues about it, mostly in the start, maybe for the first half of the book i felt like i woudn’t like it and didn’t feel like much was going on, but when the book was around the half, i realized how wrong i was. There were some events that change the way i was feeling about the book and from that moment i couldn’t stop reading. There was a very interesting turn of events and that was the part i loved the most of it, but i dont want to say much about it so i don’t spoil it to everyone else.
The problem i had from the book was that i didn’t think the emotions of the characters were well transmited, i coudn’t feel the pain, the love or anger from each of them and that is always a big deal for me, that’s why i didn’t give it a higher rate.
The book start a bit slow but it get so much better, the plot was different to what i’m used to and is always good to read something that goes to unexpected places.
I have a few comments on the characters, but that may have some spoiler so beware before keep reading thig.
I think there was some hopelessness in Jamie, and maybe that explain the careless way he act around someone that, from the start show some signs that something wrong was going on with him. there was a phrase on the book that i liked “feelings are often illogical and irrational” and i believe that his conduct was a clear portray of that, because he needed to believe in someone even knowing he shouldn’t.
Kyle was my favourite character, i think his backstory made the character more sympathetic and the creepy way he acted also reflects how feelings can make someone act irrational, but in this case i think he was in a really dangerous path and i dont see a happy ending in this situation, obsession is not love, even if may seem like, but i think for the story it worked well. It was the getting to know him that make the book so great for me.

Overall i believe it was a great story, it had some interesting twist that keep my attention all the time and make it worth reading.

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