Bane (Strain #2) by Amelia C. Gormley


The weapon that nearly destroyed humanity may be their only salvation.

Rhys Cooper’s unique immunity to all three strains of the virus that nearly annihilated humanity has brought him the unwanted attention of Clean Zone scientists. They’ve summoned him for testing—ostensibly in the hopes of finding a vaccine—but Rhys’s partner, Darius Murrell, has good reason not to trust any government. He and his comrades in Delta Company were unwitting test subjects for Project Juggernaut, the military experiment that gave them superhuman abilities and unleashed the pandemic. Doubting the government’s intentions, Delta Company refuses to let Rhys go alone.

Fear of infection has kept Zach Houtman and his lover Nico Fernández apart for a decade. They meet rarely, just long enough to coordinate their spying on the head of the government’s virus research division. Secretary Littlewood is a vicious predator, and they suspect he’s trying to acquire the strain of the virus that would make him superhuman. To stop him, they need the perfect bait: Rhys.

For Rhys, helping them might cost him his relationship with Darius—or his life. For Zach and Nico, even if their plan succeeds, they still face the ultimate question: can infected and uninfected people ever live together safely?


Just as the other ones, this was an amazing book. I loved it so much. Does a great job putting the stories of the other two books together. I can’t get enough of these characters. I was trying to define wich of the couples and characters were my favorite and find it a difficult task since each of them are so complex and so well written. I dont see a single bad thing about this book, The end i found it satisfying, i felt my heart break so may times through the whole series, Bane wasn’t different, it really brings all sort of emotions, which made it such a great book. One of the things i apreciate very much was the way the subject of discrimination was touch not only in this one but all along the series. At the end of the book i think Zach and Nico were the ones i enjoy the most. I trully loved it and recomend it to anyone.

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