Drifting Sands (The Warfield Hotel Mysteries #1)


As he approaches his fortieth birthday, Justin Warfield feels alone, drifting like the sand that blows along the beach near his family’s hotel. He has done exactly as his father wanted. Married the right girl and carried on the family tradition of running the Warfield Hotel. On paper things seem perfect, but happiness hasn’t been a part of his life for a very long time.

Marcus Drummond once spent a summer with his best friend Peter at the Warfield Hotel and fell hard for Peter’s much older brother. Five years later he’s back, and this time hopes that Justin will see him as more than his kid brother’s friend.

Sparks fly when the two meet again, but there are a few things standing in their way. The closet that Justin has himself buried in and someone on a killing spree, dumping bodies on the Warfield beach . . . victims that indicate Justin may be involved in some way.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I think it was a really well written book. I enjoy it very much. It start a little slow and that last for most of the book, but it was interesting enough and didnt become boring. The storyline was mostly a mistery but had some romance elements, it keeps the atention in both subjects.
The thing that i liked the most of the book was the development of the characters, i think all of them were very interesting. The MC Justin is a very trouble person and most of his issues are due to his inability of come on terms of who he is. He was a very frustrating character to read about because, it seems to me, he is always chosing a path in which he will suffer even if its not necesary. His brother its a more put together character who gives support and love to everyone around him, its the kind of person you want to be around. Marcus it’s a not so complex character, likable, but i think he lack the ability of doing a good job in his investigation which in the end seems to be unfinished and he only focus on his feelings. I think he is one of the persons who get to suffer the most even if it’s obvious he is a good guy and deserves better.
I found the story development very satisfying and i actually liked the ending even if it wasnt all resolved. One thing that i kind of like was that wasnt a tipical HEA and i think the story sort of need that kind of end, but also there is hope for things to be better in next book.

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