Hard Games (The Hidden Talents Trilogy #3) by Claire Cray


Rogue psychics with devious plans. Mysterious youths with shocking pasts. Tangled webs of sex, love and madness. Enter the world of Talents: Born with extraordinary powers, these outsiders rely on each other to survive.

Hidden Talents Trilogy, Book 3

Ken never expected to be spending most of his time with a sneaky, irritating telepath. He knows Jin can’t be trusted, that he’s just a double agent for the precognitive Jackson Gadamer, that there are hidden motives behind those endless smirks and hungry looks. So why hasn’t Ken pushed him away by now? How did the telepath get so close?

Jackson’s cryptic methods are starting to wear on Jin, but working for a precognitive means silencing your own judgment. Still, it’s getting hard to remember why he’s taking orders from anyone but Ken. Falling for the strange, frighteningly powerful young Talent was a stupid idea, but now all Jin wants is to keep Ken to himself — and away from KGA.

Jackson’s been plotting to overthrow KGA since he was old enough to matter. Now the brutal psychic organization is closing in on the Talents, and his plans are about to be tested. All he needs is for Ken and Jin to play their roles. But when Jackson’s prophecies catch up with the force of nature that is Ken, not even the precognitive can predict just how this battle will unfold — or who will make it out alive.

Content warnings: Multiple m/m sex scenes and a little m/f; major character death; references to past abuse, human trafficking, suicide and psychological trauma; violence; explicit language; hurt/comfort themes; unhinged psychics with dubious morals; fun.


Another great book. Very interesting, good pace, i think this is the most exciting of all, maybe because in the other ones the reader gets to know the characters and it goes a bit slow, but in this one, everything is happening and its so good. What i liked the most of this one is how the characters start to have changes, they grow stronger and is so much action that i couldn’t read fast enough. What i didn’t like is that i keep wanting more, i dont like that this is the end, i would like to know more, maybe backstories from the secondary characters.

I have some thoughts about the characters, nor just on this book but the whole series
Mark jus go on the background to me, i dont find him particuraly interesting, in any case i found him less annoying that i did before, just the same with Dylan but he was more likable.
Lip and Kel are just great and i wish there was a backstory from the, they are just great, specialy Lip, i love how he gets to be the leader but i think there is so much of him than just that.
About Jen i need to know more, maybe in the books she wasnt impresive enough for me, but she have so much potential.
I loved Jackson, very intriguing and amazing, i’m always on the bad guys side, but in his case i can’t realy see him as the bad guy, not all the time because i dont think he really mean harm anyone, he just wanted to be out of a situation and yes, he is very manipulative, but maybe that was the charm for me.
Sky has always been my favourite character, maybe i like how messed up he is or maybe how histrionic he acts, but there is something about him that i loved.
Ken and Jin were great, i was more interested on Jin because he is so fun and i loved a funny character.
Overall i think it was an amazing book, i loved the characters so much. I really hope this is not the end of this, i wish for more cause they are just great.

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