His Touch of Ice (The Ice Men Trilogy #1) by Kody Boye



After being kicked out of college due to false claims of plagiarism, Jason’s life has taken a turn for the worse. Swamped with student loans and unable to pay rent, he is literally at his wit’s end when he meets Guy Winters. Everything about Guy is fascinating: his lifestyle, his appearance, his generosity. So when Jason faces potential homelessness, he agrees to move in, but it isn’t long before he realizes that Guy seems different. He’s vague about where he works, the temperature is always freezing in his home, and his touch renders Jason breathless beyond what any passion should.

After a home invasion leaves a man dead, a horrifying truth comes to life. Guy isn’t human, and another of his kind is in Austin, leaving trail of bodies in its wake that frames both men for murder. With Jason’s fingerprints in the apartment and a gunshot that will have sent the police department scrambling, there’s no time to explain. The only thing they can do is run.


I recieved a free copy of the audiobook in exchange for a review.

I realy enjoyed this book. It’s out of my confort zone and i wanted to try something diferent, i’m realy glad that i did because it was very entertaining. The book is full of surprises. There were several times when unexpected events happend, there is a lot of action but also tender moments.
The characters are likable, i liked their background the and the development they had.
The plot was very absorbing, it got my attention all the time and i loved it’s twists
It’s a paranormal romance story but i found the family issues very appealing. I’m very pleased on how the story goes and also with the ending because for me it leads to so many possibilities that i hope the author is willing to explore, i’m very intrigued on what might happend next, i’ll definetly will be looking for a sequel

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