Nightingale by Aleksandr Voinov


In Nazi-occupied Paris, most Frenchmen tread warily, but gay nightclub singer Yves Lacroix puts himself in the spotlight with every performance. As a veteran of France’s doomed defense, a survivor of a prison camp, and a “degenerate,” he knows he’s a target. His comic stage persona disguises a shamed, angry heart and gut-wrenching fear for a sister embedded in the Resistance.

Yet Yves ascends the hierarchy of Parisian nightlife to become a star, attracting the attention—and the protection—of the Nazi Oberst Heinrich von Starck. To complicate matters further, young foot soldier Falk Harfner’s naïve adoration of Yves threatens everything he’s worked for. So does Aryan ideologue von Grimmstein, rival to von Starck, who sees something “a bit like a Jew” in Yves.

When an ill-chosen quip can mean torture at the hands of the Gestapo, being the acclaimed Nightingale of Paris might cost Yves his music and his life.


I was given this book free for review.
I’m a bit sad for not loving it as much as other reviewers. But even if not loving it, i do believe is a really great book. Its set up on an interesting time and place on history. The main character Yves is very likable and has to deal with so many issues to become as happy as he can possibly be, under the circumtances he is living. I believe one of the constant companions on the book is fear, there is not a moment on the book where the fear is not present, even if is just as stage fright, is always there and makes dificult to think Yves would be able to conquer it. It makes him take hard decisions and sometimes going against what he believes in, and to see himself as a coward even if he is just reacting to the circunstances and trying to protect himself and the ones he love. I saw von Grimmstein as a metaphor of fear or even of war, not always physically present but still present in the mind of Yves as a constant reminder of how things can go easily bad and how little control he had against it.
The issue i had with the book were the other characters, Heinrich and Falk, because i got the feeling i didnt get to know them as much as Yves and i keep wondering about them, mostly about Falk, i wish i would known a bit more about him. But still with that issue i had, one of the things i liked the most about those two character was the fact that they were portray as humans beings, not just as a villain they may be seen as. It made the story very interesting to try to understand the feelings behind a uniform and i feel that was realy well made.
Overall i think it was a great book, realy well made and very fascinating.
I also have to say that the art made on the cover is just stunning.

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