Rebel Hell (The Hidden Talents Trilogy #1) by Claire Cray


Klaus Gadamer Academy has made a fortune by enslaving Talents and peddling their psychic skills to the global elite. But not all Talents can be tamed: Jackson Gadamer, KGA’s top precognitive, has been scheming to take them down. With the help of his trusted subordinate, the mischievous telepath Jin, Jackson is ready to set those plans in motion.

When Jin makes contact with a group of rogue Talents in Paris, he finds more drama than he bargained for. But there’s one who instantly captures his attention: Ken, a mysterious boy with a dark past, a surly attitude, and an aura of power Jin can’t decipher. Now all he wants is to figure Ken out…whether Ken likes it or not.

But Ken’s icy glares aren’t the only challenge. Jin is surprised to find an old acquaintance of his among the Paris Talents: Sky, a beautiful blond empath and former yakuza consort, is furious to see him, and not just because Jin knows how to get under his skin. It turns out Ken is Sky’s younger brother…and Sky is determined to stand between them.


I love this story so much. It’s very entertaining. One of the things i love the most is the humorous tone that is set from Jin, which i believe is a great character. I realy like that the story is told from the point of view of several characters and make the reader get to know each of them, and that, to me, is one of the strongest parts of the book, the development of the characters, how the reader get to connect with each of them and get to love them or hate them. It has a little bit of everything, action, humor, passion, and transmit a lot of emotions. As the story goes it start to give away some of the back stories the reader wants to know so it keeps realy amazing. I find few bad aspects of this book, maybe one of them is the fact that would not work as a stand alone and the end keeps the reader wanting more, but the good part of this is that book#2 is already out. I definetly recomend this book, i have so far enjoy it so much.

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