Sleepers by Lorenzo Carcaterra


No blurb on this one, because it doesn´t explain what the book is about.

This book is about four friends that are growing up in a violent enviroment and hold on to each other to cope with it. A joke going wrong got them imprisoned and with that comes several situation of abuse. When they are grown ups, comes the opportunity for seeking revenge and it comes to them to decide what to do.


I enjoy this book very much. The way it’s explain the personality of each of the boys and how the situations they lived makes them the persons they grow up to be . It was so much pain and so much fun in all the pages. I trully think its one of the best books i ‘ve read. The only but i found on it is that, because of the subjects it touch, i do not think it’s for everybody , on the blurb there are no warnings, so i think is important to know that it contain situations that might not be suitable for anyone.



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