Violence Begets… by P.T. Denys


After a tragic accident devastates his family, 16-year-old Rick St. James starts his junior year of high school without any friends in a suburb of Salt Lake City, Utah. When he meets Kevin Vincent, he’s too distracted by the promise of new friends to see that Kevin has secrets of his own.

Having created an environment where he’s feared and admired by his classmates, Kevin finds pleasure in using his good looks and violence to control and manipulate those around him. Secretly, he cruises the gay club scene, turning tricks to earn money so he can party and get high.

As Rick’s dad becomes increasingly violent and abusive at home, the two form a surprising and volatile trust. In this battle of wills, their precarious friendship will either keep their lives from blowing up around them or possibly light the fuse that will cause the explosion


This was such an amazing book.
It has the most beautiful characters and the way their stories are built is just art.
It start slowly creating the characters, not simpatetic at the begining but as the story goes, i’ve start loving both main characters so much.
I generally enjoy books that have violent elements but this one was something different, i can’t compare to any other because i feel like is on a category itself. The feelings it transmit to the reader are just so real that is imposible not to feel bad for the whole situation.
Is not a clasic love story and is probably not a book to be read for everybody, it has some elements that might be too much for some readers, but that said and putting attention to the warnings, i definetely recomend this book.
It is so beautifuly written that deserves to be read.

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