We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver



Now a major motion picture by Lynne Ramsay, starring Tilda Swinton and John C. Reilly,Lionel Shriver’s resonant story of a mother’s unsettling quest to understandher teenage son’s deadly violence, her own ambivalence toward motherhood, andthe explosive link between them reverberates with the haunting power of highhopes shattered by dark realities. Like Shriver’s charged and incisive laternovels, including So Much for That and The Post-Birthday World, We Need to Talk About Kevin isa piercing, unforgettable, and penetrating exploration of violence, familyties, and responsibility, a book that the Boston Globedescribes as“sometimes searing . . . [and] impossible to put down.”


A great book. I start reading it after watching the movie wich i thought was so good, but reading the book was a hundred times better. It started a little slow, and it keeps almost the same trouh all the book, that made me find it hard to read at the begining but after letting some of my resistance go, i found myself with one amazing book. Eva and Kevin were so interesting characters, very complex, somehow confused. It seems to me like the passion that Eva had in some aspects of her life, were the main distinction between them, other than that, they both seem very alike. i really enjoy this reading very much

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