Wind Change (The Hidden Talents Trilogy #2) by Claire Cray


Rogue psychics with devious plans. Mysterious youths with shocking pasts. Tangled webs of sex, love and madness. Enter the world of Talents: Born with extraordinary powers, these outsiders rely on each other to survive.

Hidden Talents Trilogy, Book 2

There’s only person in the world Jin trusts: his boss, the ruthless precognitive Jackson Gadamer. When Jackson gave the bizarre order to run off and seek refuge with a rogue group of Talents until further notice, Jin didn’t hesitate. But the waiting game is more complicated than the rebellious telepath expected…and the company much more compelling.

Ken is a total enigma. With mismatched green eyes, head-to-toe scars and a glare that could freeze the sun, the mysterious young Talent has Jin captivated to the point of obsession. The secretive brat seems determined to keep his true powers hidden. But when one of his psychic abilities spiral outs of control, it’s Jin who comes to the rescue…and Ken starts to see the telepath in a different light.

As Jin finally starts to bond with Ken, he starts to wonder how the strange young Talent figures into Jackson’s plans. It’s hard to question a man who can see the future, but there’s something about Ken that Jin wants to keep to himself. When Ken’s curiosity turns into a tantalizing invitation, Jin realizes he’s in over his head…and all he wants to do is dive even deeper.

Content warnings: Multiple m/m sex scenes and a little m/f; references to past abuse, human trafficking, suicide and psychological trauma; violence; explicit language; hurt/comfort themes; unhinged psychics with dubious morals; fun.


This book was as great as the first one. Again, one of the things i think it might be a problem is that is not a stand alone and you need to read the first one before, but to me that was good since i loved the first one and loved this one too.
First, i think this is more interesting because the reader already know the characters and then can concentrate on the plot and not getting to know the characters as happens on the first one.
I believe the pace is a bit faster in this part. The writting and plot just as good as the first one, My favourite part, the characters become even more interesting here because you get to know more of then and because little changes in some of them start to happend and that is just so great.

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