Girl Under Pressure by Michele E. Corriveau



Maggie Baxter has been keeping secrets for more than twenty years. They’ve taken a serious toll on her health and her marriage. Now the pressure of all those secrets is beginning to chip away at her sanity.
Maggie loves her husband, Alex, but she’s terrified that she will lose him and their children. When her past just included anorexia, stealing, and a mental institution, she had a chance to make Alex understand. But how can she explain rape, murder, and a pedophile? Every day she lives within a carefully constructed web of lies waiting for the perfect moment to tell Alex the truth. But perfect moments only happen in fairy tales and Maggie’s life is no fairy tale. The pressure is now so bad she’s beginning to hear voices.
When a tragic incident thrusts her family into the national spotlight, Maggie is forced to make a decision. If she tells the police everything she knows, all her secrets will become public knowledge. If she doesn’t, she will add another unbearable secret to all the rest. Maggie knows this could cause her to lose her last tenuous grip on sanity. Either way she knows she is going to end up in a very bad place.


This was very interesting book. I think the blurb gives too much away, i had the book for a long time and i didn´t read the blurb recently, so it didn´t spoil it for me, but now seen it, it take some surprises away.
The story got my attention since the start, and it kept a realy good pace, alternates between past and present. I don’t think there was a moment were i lost attention, i think the author made a great job on that matter.
The conflicts the main character sees her self into, sometimes appear to be so simple, but she doesn’t have the ability to do things different to the way she is used to. Her emotions, fear, dispair but mostly anxiety, was so well transmited, i think that is one of the strong point of it.
I liked Alex too, sometimes he seem to be too perfect, but the events make him act different and made him more believable.
One issue i have was the fact that, sometimes, it felt like the person who telling the story was constantly changing and it made difficult to keep track.
Other than that, i think it was a really great book that makes a believable portray, not of a disease, but of the way a person and a family deal with a mental illnes, how hard, confusing, frustrating it becomes to deal with it.
It’s definetly not a happy book, but i think it’s an important one if the reader wants to have a better understanding of how a mental illness feels like.

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