For the Love of a Steampunk Heart by Leah Ross



Sixty-four years ago, the Blast changed everything. The modern, interconnected world died and two disparate societies took its place. The pioneers founded their own world in the frontier of the Fringe. The rest crowded themselves into dome cities and cut themselves off from the world. Fringer or Domer. One or the other. Never both. Until now.

Nick Massey is an inventor and mechanic, a Domer struggling to break out of his poverty-stricken existence and escape his tragic past. He’s brilliant. He’s talented. He just lost his job. With nothing keeping him in the city, he leaves his meager life behind and strikes out for the wild unknowns of the Fringe. He’s hoping to find happiness and purpose. Instead, he finds Zander.

Zander Pennington is a Fringer, born and bred, a lifelong resident of the town of Firebend. He’s tough and resourceful and absolutely intolerant of unknowns. As a partner in the region’s most lucrative mineral mining operation, he doesn’t have time to deal with anything but business. Business is what he knows. Business is his comfort zone. Nick is not business.

Despite their inherent differences, Nick and Zander must learn to trust each other and work as a team to thwart the danger that threatens them and all of Firebend. It’s the danger they can’t fight, though, that could break both of their hearts and destroy their lives.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at goodreads.

I loved this book so much. It was a very sweet story.
Both main characters were so likable, it was so easy to care for them. Nick was sweet and there were moments, were he seems so vulnerable and have some struggles accepting himself , those moments were just beautiful. I think it’s easy to the reader to feel related and it left a good message about accepting ourself the way we are. In Zander’s case i felt he was also very nice character, i generaly like more complex characters but he was ok. I liked about him how easy was too felt his emotions.
The secondary characters were very nice but i finished the book wanting to know a little bit more about them. There was this one named Wyvern that got my attention, i felt he was a great character and i would love to read more of his story.
It’s very easy to get into the story, It has a nice pace. There are some interesting action moments. The story was very entertaining. Once i started reading it was difficult to put it down.
The moments when the main characters are together are very beatiful and sweet, the author manage to make a belieaveble connection between them, maybe a little too fast to my taste, but i’m sure most of the readers woul’d love it.
The only problem i had with the book was that the world created for the author was a little confusing to me. It was hard to imaging it and sometimes it looked a little contradictory, but other than that i realy loved it.
I think it was a great book, i enjoy it so much and i woul’d love to read more books from this author.

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