Drago Star (Toy Soldier #1) by J. Johanis



Captain Gideon’s military training taught him never to fall for his captor, but when he’s sold to a sexy dragon shifter, Gideon discovers that training is much easier than real life. Drago Star is about survival, resistance, and escape when faced with an enemy who’s not afraid to use his deadliest weapon: a dangerous mixture of persuasion, seduction, and animistic lust that cannot be sated.


Captain Gideon is a candidate at the Drago Star Academy and well on his way to fulfilling his lifelong dream—to be a Star Commander and fight the alien insurgency on Earth.

However, before he can complete his training, he is captured by an unknown entity who sells him to a sadistic alien master. He strives to follow his military training, but nothing can prepare him for the abuse he endures at the hands of his deviant captors.

Despite his disorientation, Gideon realizes things are not as they seem. Though his captors appear to be slavers, they have the resources of a government or rebel entity. To complicate matters, the air smells different, the people look strange, and the light of the sun is all wrong. Gideon’s only hope is escape, but if they’ve taken him from his home planet, is escape even possible?

Content Advisory: Graphic violence, non-con, & abuse.
Kink Tags: Dragon shifter sex, limited femdom, non-consensual BDSM, (bittersweet).



Definitely not a romance story. It was a very interesting story, it got my attention very fast and it was hard, for me, to stop reading it. The main character, Gideon, was nice, it was good to see how he react to all the things that were going on and mostly to uncertainty. I was most attracted to one of the anthagonists, Drago, but i felt like his character was underdeveloped, i think there was so much potential on him, he was very intriguing, i really loved him but i wish there was more to know of him.
The story had some interesting twists that made it unpredictable and that was so good. I didn’t know what to expect and that always make a good read.
The story is full of violence, it has hardly romance on it. It has a content advisory that is important to be read, because i think it might not be a good read for everyone, but i enjoy it very much.
In spite of the content advisory i’d pushed myself to read it becuase i’d read other books of the author and i liked them. I don’t read books about shifters, that is definitely a no for me. But i give it a try to this one and it work for me, i realy enjoy it and i will be soon reading Slash Op.

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