Review of Arctic Absolution by Lynn Kelling



Dixon Rowe is a good man and a good cop who keeps finding himself in bed with the enemy. After he picks up a young ex-con named Jaye Larson for stealing food, Dixon is seduced by the possibility of helping someone truly in need. He tells himself he’s assisting young Jaye out of the goodness of his heart—not because of how sexy Jaye is under all of the tattoos and defiance. But temptation entangles them as the malicious ghosts of Jaye’s past returns to haunt their every step. Jaye’s ghosts are bad enough, but the demon from Dixon’s past is real enough to put both of their lives in danger. (M/M)


This book was simply fantastic.
I’d try to read it as slow as possible because i didn’t want it to end.

I think the writting was magnificent, each scene it’s so beautifuly described. It was very easy to get into the story. I’ve read Caged Jaye first and therefore i already knew the main character, if my reading experience had been the other way around, getting to know him would be as great as it was on the second book of the series.

The plot has very interesting twists, it contain very dark subjects not often seen in a book that involves a romance, and yet, the way it’s done is so amazing that the reader can’t imagine how anything good might come out of all the darkness the story is deep into, but there’s always a hopeful feeling around it.

As i remember him, Jaye was just a delight to read. So damaged, so broken, so hopeless.
The way his ghosts try to bring him down it’s fantastic, the memories that keep coming trying to stop any step ahead on getting better. The way he sees himself and the distrust to others. I don’t remember any aspect of him i didn’t loved, he is one of the best characters i’ve ever read and I know he’ll be in my mind for a long time.

Dixon was unexpectedly great, when i’d read the description of the book, i expected Dixon to be a kind of boring cop without much to bring up to the story and i was thinking that all the weight of the book was to be led by Jaye. I couldn’t be more far from reality. Dixon was as complex and amazing as Jaye was, fighting with his own demons and nearly as damaged as Jaye was.

The relationship between this two character was just delightful as each of them was, full of conficts, mistrust, fear, shame, not an easy situation but with a feeling of hope that keep the reader expecting a good outcome for them. One of the things i liked about it was that the same kind of difficult interaction was kept all through the end, so they had to really fight to conquer their own demons to make it work. I think that made the story more realistic.

Overall i think it was an amazing book, it has very dark elements and i would recomend to read the warnings before reading it, but again, an amazing book that it’s become on of my favourites, because of so beautifuly made characters.

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