Review:He Melted Us (Love Unlocked) by Ofelia Gränd

He Melted Us


All Delron wants is to live his life with Phillipe, but when their love lock is stolen from Pont des Art, their relationship is in jeopardy. Without the lock holding them together, Delron is convinced they’ll crash and burn. The only way he can save their relationship is to find the stolen lock, and that is just what he plans to do, no matter what.

Phillipe loves Delron, he really does, but it’s driving him insane that Delron can’t see that a padlock is simply a piece of metal. The lock has nothing to do with them, not really. Up until the night the lock was stolen, their life was great, but Del’s crazy behaviour has Phillipe wondering if he has ever really known his boyfriend.

Delron’s search leads him through art-filled Paris, but will a symbol of love ever be enough to soothe the mistrust his quest has planted in Phillipe? Phillipe always thought he’d spend the rest of his life with Del, but who can live with anyone willing to break the law just to find a padlock when they can buy a new one in just about any shop?

* * *

A story from Love Unlocked – a collection of seven short stories and novellas – unique LGBTQ romances inspired by the Love Lock Bridge.

The Trap by Claire Davis and Al Stewart
Writer’s Lock by Victoria Milne
Locked in the Moment by Dawn Sister
The Weekend by J P Walker
The Scarlet Lock by Caraway Carter
He Melted Us by Ofelia Gränd
Chain of Secrets by Debbie McGowan


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at goodreads.

I enjoy this story so much. It had very much humorous elements, but what got my attention, was the opposite, some feeling of sadness around the story because of, how easily, things can change.
The conduct of both characters made me so angry at times because of their unwillingness to , at least try, to see the things the way the other one was seeing it.
It was hard to see Delron’s insecurity about his relationship, full of interpretations and to see how easily he could relied on a symbol, putting more effort on trying to get it back, that on his actual relationship.
Phillipe, who seem to be more rational, was a little more enraging to me, because he knew the way Delron thought and fail to be understanding. I get that Del was really frustrating, but i felt like he had a bad attitude and wasn’t willing to try.
It was very interesting to see the interaction between them. It was a very entertaining story, somehow funny.
One of the things i liked the most about it was that, being so short as it was, i really got to know and care for the both main characters, and their were able to transmit their emotion, that always make a great reading, i loved this one.
I think anyone would enjoy to read this book, it was great.

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