Review: Where No One Knows by Jo Ramsey

Where No One Knows by Jo Ramsey



Kellan McKee is different, but not for the reasons everyone thinks. He’s open about being transgender and grateful to have his mother’s support, even if his stepfather disapproves. When Kellan is attacked by one of his stepfather’s friends, he’s more than capable of defending himself. But doing so comes with a price: Kellan is forced to reveal what really sets him apart—his psychic abilities.

Now Kellan must escape his stepfather’s vengeance with only the money his mother can provide. In Denver he meets Shad, a person with powers similar to his own who is willing to help him. The two agree to travel together, and Shad reveals there’s a group in Boston where Kellan can find a safe haven and learn more about his gift—and how to control it.

Kellan’s respite might be short-lived, however, if his stepfather manages to find him. And not everyone in Boston welcomes him with open arms. Kellan might not be as safe as he’d hoped.


This book had my attention from the first page, i was so intrigued by the story and i couldn’t help to love Kellan, who was such a beautiful character.

Kellan is on the run after hurting one of his stepfather’s friends, due to his psychic powers, something they are not willing to overlook. Since they are seeking revenge, Kellan is forced to leave his home. He is looking for a place where he can feel safe again, and people who can trust. He meet Shad, who suggest a place where he might find the safety he is looking for, but there are several obstacles on his journey to a place where he can feel safe.

I find the story very entertaining, it was full of conflicts Kellan need to deal with, in order to get somewhere safe, most of the time it keep a fast pace, anf interesting twists. Around the middle i felt like it went a little flat, but the last pages it redeem itself very nicely.

One of the thing i liked the most, was the ways the subject of Kellan being transgender was manage. It was part of him, but it kind of went in second place. I think that was good because it wasn’t all he was. The main concern was the psychic abilities because that was what was bothering Kellan at the time. Being transgender wasn’t bothering him, it was just who he was, and the way most of the people deal with it was also very nice.

I really loved Kellan, he was a very sweet character, dealing also with controling his emotions, and with trust issues. His mother was somehow confusing to me. I felt like she send contradictory messages, sometimes standing up for what she believe in and other letting other decide for her, but i guess that make her more believable.

Shad was my favourite character, besides Kellan, but on his case i felt like he was underdeveloped. I wish i would got to know him a little better. There are other characters on the story, but this three are the ones that got more of my attention while reading.

Overall i think it was a great book, with very positive elements. I Think anyone can enjoy it.

*Book provided by NetGalley.

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