Review: Thief of Hearts by Perci T. Brooks

Thief of Hearts


On the surface, Jules Hanover leads a privileged life being a member of the town’s most prestigious family. Young, handsome and genteel, he runs his own successful party planning business and appears to be the type of son any parent would be proud of.


Underneath the glamour and illusion, the Hanover family is anything but the united front they project and Jules is desperate to get away from the charade that’s forcing him to endure a secret hell.

With the help of his best friend and a pair of heartbroken ghosts, Jules races to find the truth about an ancient scandal, an unsolved murder and himself. But will the answers he seeks give him the strength he needs or will he become just another skeleton in the family closet?

I feel like it was a lovely story. I especially liked Diona, she was such a great character, a very good friend. Someone who can be trusted. Her and her family were great.
Jules was nice, but i felt like there were moments when he act very different of what would be expected, that’s nice, but i feel like it was out of character. At the beginning of the story his feelings were very well transmitted, but i think that was decreasing when the story keep going. Near the end i find hard to connect with any emotion he had.

The plot was interesting, but i feel like it was too rushed. It was full of great ideas, but i’m not sure they worked so good altogether.

Heartbroken ghosts?, i guess i was expecting something less literal. I didn’t like that part too much, but that’s on my, because the blurb was clear. Yet, i had a bit of an issue because of the way everyone reacted to them.
Jules family was just awful, the way things end up with them was also a little rushed.

I finished the book wishing it was longer, because as i said, i think the writer had good ideas, but the story was too short to fully develop them.

Overall i think it was a nice story, i saw that there’s a sequel, i would check on that one, because i want to know what comes next.
By the way, i loved the cover, it’s very beautiful. It was what attract me to the book on the first place, i’m glad i’d read it.

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at goodreads.

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