Review: Strangers by Eden Darry



Three stories about chance meetings between strangers. Kip and Claudia are terrorised by an unknown creature lurking in the woods in Car Trouble. Summer Holiday takes place on a Caribbean island where Leigh and Amy discover a secluded pool for their erotic interlude. Charlotte gets an unexpected shot at love when Freya delivers her pizza in The Delivery.


This was a very entertaining reading. Three short stories about stranger women finding what they weren’t looking for. Stories full of passion, lust and great characters.

Car Trouble
Claudia and Kip find themselves in the middle of nowhere and chased by childhood fears that become a little too real. This was my favorite of the three, it made me put the book down a while because I stared reading it in the night, and there was no way I’ll be reading a scary book at that time. In the morning after, I really enjoyed it, yes, it was a bit scary, but not enough to keep me away from reading it. It had a fast pace, a very good plot. At the beginning I didn’t liked Claudia, she seemed a little spoiled, but after a while she became nicer. I liked both character very much. And the ending was great.

Summer Holiday
Amy decides to give herself a break from life and, on her vacation, meets Leigh. Both women go seeking for adventure and a sexy escapade. I think Leigh was an amazing character, I loved her so much. She was such a flirtatious little thing, I enjoyed that so much. But it wasn’t just that about her, there is also the reasons she had to choose Amy among other possible women she met. It was a nice story.

The Delivery
Charlotte is tired of having bad dates. And, while disappointed thinking on her bad experiences, luck knocks on the door. They meet in a rather awkward situation, but that doesn’t prevents attraction and flirting start making its entrance among Charlotte and Freya. This was a sweet and fun story. Again full with great characters and very entertaining.

In general I think the three stories were great. I liked the plots, some more elaborate than others, but all very enjoyable. The characters were so nice, I wish they would be a little more developed, but at the length of the stories, I think it was a very well done job. It was very well written. One of the things that I didn’t liked too much was the extremely fast built of the relationships, I prefer books that take a while to develop the characters before they hook up, and this ones feel too rushed, but I think it was, again, because of the length of the stories, and perhaps other readers won’t have the same problem I had. I feel the same about the sex scenes, too rushed. I think they would worked a little better if they were longer or a bit more descriptive.
Overall, they were so good, very entertaining, and easy to read. I think it can be easily enjoyed by any reader.
*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

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