Review: Magpie (Avian Shifters, #2) by Kim Dare

Magpie (Avian Shifters, #2)


Everet has found his perfect place in the nest. As a raven, he’s ideally suited to his new role in the nest’s security flock. Some of the jobs it entails have been far more enjoyable than others, but when he’s called to retrieve a magpie, whose got himself into trouble in a local human club, it becomes a truly life changing experience.

Magpie shifters have always been looked down on by other avians. Just as attracted to shiny things in their human bodies as they are in their avian forms, everyone knows they’ll do anything for money—and they’re not above stealing what they can’t get by more honest means.

Kane knows what being a magpie means, and he’s got the bruises to show for it. When Everet rescues him from his latest scrape, Kane knows better than to believe the raven will actually take an interest in him and his welfare, but it’s just possible that Everet is different to any other man Kane has ever met.

Please note: This book is best to read in order as part of the Avian Shifters series. The previous stories are Duck! and Celebrate.


This was so different than Duck. I liked Duck, but I really loved this one.

I think that, since the hierarchies have already been stablished, and the reader knows well the nest’s structure, this book took more time on the character development, and that made it so much better for me.

The pace it’s a little bit faster, I found this book more entertaining. It kind of seeks
the same Master/Submissive relationship, but the characters are so different than the ones in Duck, that it’s a totally different story.

Everet was very nice. He knew what he wanted and didn’t mind standing up for it, he was very protective, a good leader, strong but with the ability to show tenderness when needed, I liked him very much.

But, for me, who made this book so great, was Kane, I fell in love with this character since his first appearance. He was magnificent, there wasn’t a thing about him I didn’t liked. He’s perfectly arrogant at the first pages of the book. The development he had along the story it’s amazing. It was beautiful to see all the pain, insecurity, low self-steem, anger, so much feelings hidden behind that awful attitude.

He had the best quotes, things like “You don’t have me, darling,” Kane drawled. “And if you had ever had me, you’d remember who I was. Some of us aren’t forgettable.” made me laugh so much, I loved all his reactions.

The relationship of this two was also very nice, the way it was slowly growing and how much they got to appreciate each other. The sex scenes between them were so good, it’s been a while since I need to slow my reading for them, I really enjoyed them.

In general, I think it was so good, I think anyone would like it, I don’t think it’s a book only for shifter’s lovers. I generally don’t like shifters stories, but this one was amazing.

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