Review: Dreamers by Tami Veldura



The world is divided into two types of people: the dreamers who live vibrant lives and the warriors who defend them from nightmares.

Larz is a warrior, honed to be faster, stronger, and smarter than any evil. He has solved puzzles, answered riddles, and fought the life of his assigned dreamer without ever knowing more than their names.

But there are secrets hidden in dreams and one is in Rayan’s mind, locked in a chest, and guarded by a dragon. Rayan locked it there himself. But now he wants it back.


This was a quite nice short story.
Larz is a warrior and he has to protect dreamers to avoid them any harm while dreaming. He is assigned to Rayan, who is trying to discover a secret hidden in his dreams before he forgets it forever.
I really liked the world created, but I felt like it was too short to explore it in a more detailed way.

The plot was different, but in a goog kind of way.  It’s nice to see a story trying to go out of the ordinary and this one made it really good. I think the relationship between the main characters was a little forced and I think I would enjoyed it more if it only had center on the adventure. But, still, I think it was really nice. I wish it was longer because it’s too good idea to be this short. An expansion of this story would be something I would love to read.

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