Review: The Captain’s Encounter (Adrift #2) by T.J. Land

The Captain’s Encounter (Adrift)


The captain’s luck is finally changing. After four years of being lost in space, his starship, The Prayer, has found an inhabitable planet to land on. The whole crew—and his lovers Thomas, Rick, and Zachery in particular—are happy to set foot on terra firma again, not least because the planet comes with plenty of trees to hide behind for those…intimate occasions. But the fertile landscape hides a secret. When the captain finds himself abducted by an alien life form, he’s got limited time to get back to his crew before they succumb to infighting. Only the alien is so very attractive…


This book starts where The Captain’s Men left. I liked these better than the previous one. The plot here was a little more solid and it kept some humorous elements I already liked.

The Prayer’s crew start exploring a new land. Now, with some alone time, the guys begin to bond with each other while solving the conflicts they find in the new planet.

In this, the second book of the series, I think some of the issues I had have been mostly solved.
The plot was entertaining. There is a new character introduced to the story, and even not knowing him too much, I think he might have a more important role in the future.
The other characters remain the same. I think some of the spotlight was taken away from the captain and the crew had the opportunity to interact more with each other.
I liked Rick the most. There is some sweetness about this character that the others lack, and I felt a little more attraction for him than the others. The only thing I was troubled about him was some conducts that seemed opposite to the shyness I perceived from him.

One thing I keep thinking of most of this characters is that they should put the hormones aside for a while and start thinking, but no, they just won’t do it. One positive thought on that matter is that I think the sex scenes between them have improve very much. I’m not a big fan of ménages, but this time it worked just fine.

The part I liked the most was the way the relationships start to build. I don’t considered it specially romantic and I don’t see too strong feeling in either of the characters, but I think they are going there, and it’s nice to see where the story will go with all of them.
Overall I think it was a nice story, fun to read and with great characters. It would be better to read it after reading The Captain’s Men.


*I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange of an honest review

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