Review: The Lines of Beauty by Jake Stark


The Lines of Beauty


London playboy Danny Spark has it all – the penthouse, the contacts and the girls. And now he’s about to open the venue that’s set to be the hottest ticket in town – a Burlesque Club in the heart of the West End. He’s risked everything on this venture – his reputation, his money and cash from his investors – who aren’t the kind of men you mess around with. But when a disaster threatens the opening of the club, Danny finds his dream balanced on a knife edge. He needs a saviour, and quick. Enter Hugo – an enigmatic Frenchman with the body of an Adonis and the dance moves of an Astaire. Is the mysterious Hugo the answer to Danny’s prayers? More importantly, is Hugo awakening feelings that have long been buried deep inside Danny?

Read The Lines of Beauty to discover why some men are just too beautiful to resist…



This was a very interesting book to read.
Danny has it all. He lives a privilege life but nothing seems enough. Now he is trying to open a club, but his rushed decisions are risking his possibilities of success. He met Hugo, who seems to be what he’s been waiting for but, is he willing to make changes on his life to make their relationship works?.

It took me a while to get my-self into the story. I think one of the reasons of this was the slow pace at the beginning, but I think it served a purpose, at least I felt it that way because when the reader knows Danny he seems to be done with life. I couldn’t help thinking he had several characteristics a depressed person would have, and that’s why I think a slow pace worked fine at that moment.
The plot it start a little weak for me, but as the story keep going, I found myself more captive by it and it got so much better. It had a slow pace for most of the book, but that changes near the end when it gets really fast and it had some very exciting moments.

The part of the book I liked the most were the characters, or most exactly the emotions I felt reading about them. They weren’t likable characters, I didn’t like either of them, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy their story. I’m used to not liking the main characters, and for this two I have some particular reasons.

Danny was just so irresponsible, awfully frustrating. He always get what he wants and he doesn’t he acts in such dramatic ways, it made me mad so many times. He just can’t put his act together for a minute. He doesn’t care for anyone but himself and then wonders why he doesn’t have any friends? Really? Really?, just thinking about him again makes me so angry. Stealing some words from Hugo to a better description “…but your arrogance was unattractive, is unattractive…”. That was so true. But, as much as I disliked him, I have to give him credit because he got me so frustrated, I just wanted to scream at him all the time, and a character that can create such an intense feeling, it’s great one, so well done Danny.

Hugo was a little more likable, but there were moments when he was so confusing, I didn’t fully understood him. I kept guessing his motives even at the last pages of the book. He didn’t make me angry as Danny did, but there are moments on their relationship when his conduct is so contradictory that was also very frustrating, and I definitely wouldn’t like to be on Danny’s shoes at those times, probably the only sympathetic moments I had for Danny.

Their relationship was a little strange. There were reproachable conducts of both of them, I don’t think they got to trust each other that much, and that make hard to believe in their love. I don’t doubt that it might me the way their going, but right now I’m not sure, I think they have yet a long way to go. It would be nice to see more of this two in the future too see how it worked out.
Overall t think it was a nice story, as I mention, the characters were the strongest part, I really enjoyed reading it.

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