Review: Payback (Channeling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion #1) by Jordan Castillo Price

Payback (Channeling Morpheus, #1)


The hunt is on.

Pretty young men and women like Michael’s best friend, Scary Mary, are disappearing from underground goth clubs all over Detroit. For over two years, Michael has been scouring the midwest for buried newspaper articles and obscure medical reports, and now he’s finally pinpointed the source of the problem. Too bad he can’t exactly go to the cops and tell them his friend was murdered by vampires. Since it’s his duty to start wiping out the scourge, he’s posing as bait—and he’s got a bag of sharpened hickory stakes to do the job.

Everything should go smoothly, given the amount of preparation that Michael has put into the hunt. He’s got a practiced repertoire of come-hither eyeliner looks and a full blister-pack of the date rape drug Rohypnol. But he didn’t count on Wild Bill showing up.

Wild Bill is a vision in spiked hair and scuffed black leather—exactly the type of guy Michael would have fallen for…if he’d ever had the chance. Unfortunately, with a vampire in his sights, Michael has no time for an actual date. Despite his best efforts, it seems there’s nothing Michael can do to shake Bill loose. Looks like they’re in for a wild, wild ride.



This was a great book. I wasn’t familiar with the author’s writing, but being as popular on the M/M genre as she is, I was very intrigued by her books. Now I understand her popularity.


Michael is starting a hunt against vampires and is very well prepared. When he has spotted his victim, using himself as a bait, everything seemed to be going according to his plan, until an attractive stranger crosses his path and Michael just can’t get rid of him.


This book had a lot of elements that I generally don’t like in a book, but I read it anyway and I’m glad I did because it was amazing.

This was really short, but it manage to put together very interesting and extremely sexy plot. It was amazing. It had a fast pace. Once I stared reading, I couldn’t stop until I was done.


The characters were magnificent, Michael had something fun about him, I liked him a lot. There was not much character development here, but it was ok because I know it’s part of a series and I can’t wait to know more about him.  The other characters were also very nice, I really enjoyed the interactions between Michael and Wild Bill.


Overall I think it was a great book, and I definitely will be looking the next books on the series. I would say anyone who likes vampire stories would love it, but I don’t liked vampires and really liked it, so I guess it can easily be enjoyed by any reader.

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