Review: Impact Ripples by Claire Davis and Al Stewart

Impact Ripples


A gay merman fairytale.
Do you believe in a love so fierce and pure that nothing can stop it?
Sometimes love is gentle, and sometimes love is not.

David Summers lives a half life, until one day he ventures into the ocean and remembers.
He remembers the merman.
But David needs help, and nothing will stop him from finding a way to keep his merman forever.
This story was written as part of the GoodReads MM group event ‘ Love is an open Road.’
Please note that this story has explicit MM merman sex.



As expected, another beautiful story from this authors. This time they had me exploring themes that I would consider an absolute no for me. I just can’t read stories about mere people, it’s something I just don’t like. Yet, this story was good enough to make me love a mere man.


There was a very strange story, I’m used to a different kind of story from the authors, something far from fantasy, but this plot worked very well for me. Mostly because it remain such a big mystery, there was no way I could have guess where the story would go and I liked it so much. It was very well written, and it was easy to read.


I was more interested in David and Gul and I think inviting other characters in, took a little of the spotlight from them. There were too many questions I had about the back stories of David. One thing that was amazing was how a character that didn’t even say a word, was able to transmit so much emotion. I just love Gul, but sadly I felt he was underdeveloped, I wanted so much more from him, and it was beautiful to feel his despair, he was a lovely character.

Overall I think it was a lovely story, people who liked fantasy stories and love mere men can easily enjoyed it.


It kind of remind me this song  I listen to once about a mere maid. A totally different story and not a happy ending here but I couldn’t help to remember it.

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