Review: The Captain’s Calamity (Adrift #3) by T.J. Land

The Captain’s Calamity


Having welcomed an alien into his crew and his bed, the captain has more than enough to worry about without the looming threat of a birthday he’d rather forget. It’s just as well that his ship develops a catastrophic malfunction and crash lands before anyone can ask him how old he’s turning. But his good luck only lasts so long; when he and his men follow Rux to an abandoned city in search of replacement parts so they can effect repairs, one disaster follows another. Worse yet, Zachery, the captain’s most headstrong lover, is developing a crush on the one member of the crew he really shouldn’t…



I’m starting to expect this books as I would expect the weekly episode of a Sci-Fi show I like. It certainly feels that way and I loved it.

After The Prayer presents some major malfunction, the crew must search in an abandon city for parts to repair it, but this time, luck doesn’t seemed to be on their side.

This is the third book of the series, by now the reader already knows the characters and the way the interactions and relationships between them work. Maybe because of that, this time the author take a little more time on the development of the plot and it was great. It took a little less time in the sexual habits on the crew members, which was fine at this point, and manage to put together a very interesting adventure. It had a faster pace than the previous book, I finished it in one sit.

This has been my favorite of the three books. It took some time to explore the character that have been left mostly as a mystery in the other books and it makes a nice effort to explore their sexuality.

One thing I didn’t like was the ending. It didn’t feel like a good closure. I’m not sure if l should look this as a bad thing or exactly the opposite because it made me feel like there is an opportunity of more of this characters in the future, and that’s something I would really like to read.

Overall, and talking about the whole series and not just this book, I’ve had some really fun time reading it, I loved the characters, it had been easy to read, entertaining and very well written. I think any reader would have a fun time reading it.

*I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange of an honest review

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