Review: Bunkhouse Boys by Marie Piper

Bunkhouse Boys



Kenny and Blue, two hands at the Tate Ranch, find distraction in each other from sleepless nights and days filled with hard work. Keeping their relationship a secret might be essential, but with their growing need for each other, it sure won’t be easy.




This was a very entertaining short story to read.
Kenny and Blue are working in a ranch. In the nights Kenny is having trouble sleeping and Blue is looking for ways to release his increasing needs. Both men are willing to help each other but to make it work, they need to keep it as secret as they can.


This was a very nice, fast and easy to read story. I enjoyed the circumstances they were into. I guess sharing their sleeping place with other guys is not ideal for a new relationship, but it was interesting see the way they try to figure things out. It was very short to have a complex plot, but I think the story was interesting enough. It got my attention the whole time.


I wouldn’t consider it particularly romantic, but the moments the main characters had together were very exciting, especially the one near the end of the book. The characters weren’t too developed, but I guess that had more to do with the length of the book, and yet it was easy to see they were very different in some aspects.
In general it was very nice book to read, it was well written and fun. It can be easily enjoy by any reader.


*I received a copy of this book from the Publisher in exchange of an honest review

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