Review: Trapdoor by Vixen Phillips




Raven and Pegasus each have their own reasons for denying their feelings for one another, but once they are all they have left in the entire world, how long can this charade really hold out? Sometimes, if you wish hard enough, dreams can come true, even if you should wake to find them gone like shadows in the morning. Set in Melbourne in the late 90s, Trapdoor is a psychological journey through darkness and light-a story of love, obsession, and beautiful self-destruction.



This was a nice book. I was expecting to like it more, but there was something about it that didn’t allow me to enjoy it that much.


The plot is very interesting and some of the issues they deal with were very realistic. I was very attracted to the interaction with Wendy who is not mention in the summary, but has an important part on the development of the plot. She was as destructive as both main characters and I felt very interested on the motives she had for acting the way she did. She was not a likable character, but she was a very well made one. She always create a reaction in the reader, mostly a negative one, but a reaction nonetheless.


Raven and Pegasus were both very frustrating characters to read. The structure of the book shows both points of view that made easy to understand the way they think and why it was so hard for them to deal with the things life presents them. The constant despair and emptiness they felt was ok for a while, but after reading a big part of the book, it became tiresome. It was frustrating and I don’t think there was too much growth on neither of them. Sure, that made the book a little more realistic, but it’s still fiction, and I was expecting something different for them.


The relationship they shared was very nicely made, I think it was nice to see the struggle they had, none of them was perfect, and that is always something I like to read. What they felt for each other felt real and I, putting aside the frustrations they made me feel so many times, I really loved the happy moments they had together.


The pace is really slow, that make it a bit hard for me to read it and I think it was too long, it was nice to read it, but I felt like the story could have been told, just as good, with fewer words.


In general, it was a nice book. It had some themes that might not be appropriate for all reader, like violence, abuse and self-harm, so beware of it before reading it. I had some issues about it, but I guess other readers can be able to enjoy it.

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