Review: Loose Ends (Broken #7) by Kol Anderson

Loose Ends (Broken, #7)



What will become of Carter? Will ‘Master’ turn out to be a bigger evil than Vincent or will he be the savior Carter has been waiting for?
Will Eric get away with what he plans to do with Aaron?
Find out in this final installment of the Broken Series where all the loose ends will be tied.



I guess I haven’t expect this book as long as the other reader. I read the series last year, so it’s only a year for me. This was one of the first M/M series I’d read, and it was amazing. I remember I couldn’t stop reading it, but I guess I thought it had ended, so this book came to me as a surprise for me, a magnificent one, but a surprise.


I didn’t re-read it before starting this book, and it was a little hard to remember some events, but after a while I was right on track. It had most of the things I liked from the other books. Perhaps this one is a little softer in the abuse part, not meaning it doesn’t happen, but I do remember the first season was a lot darker and hard to read because of how aggressive it was.


It was very well written and a very intense pace.  It has some amazing characters, it was so great to remember them. I’ve always liked Vincent the most, but in these book I found my-self more attracted to Carter, his scenes were the ones that I liked the most. I didn’t remember him as much as I did Aaron, but now his my new favorite. I think it lack a little in the transmission of emotions, but I’m taking the blame on that matter because I was so rushed to know what would happen, that I didn’t take time thinking or trying to feel what the characters were feeling


There are a lot of this that get a well conclusion in this book, but I can’t help to think there can be so much more from the point the book ends. The summary says this is the final installment of the broken series, but if this is true I will be heart broken, because now I remember what an amazing series this was and I want more, so much more.


Overall, it was really good, I just loved this series so much. I think it might not be appropriate for all readers, but the ones who like dark themes, and have no trouble reading stories that contain non/con this one is great. Perhaps it won’t work as a standalone, I recommend reading the first books on the series before this one.

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