Review: Roughing It (Men at Work) by Elizabeth Black

Roughing It




When a strange outbreak occurs at a lakeside campground, Jake Walker and Lance Cameron investigate. Not only are they biologists, they’re lovers who share a passion for science.

The outbreak has locals terrified. Nine campers become sick; four die, and one victim reports an increase in her sex drive so serious, she attacks her best friend’s husband. Is this lustiness caused by the disease? What’s behind the odd rainstorm that falls over a small geographic area and the strange red dust around the cabins? Is this outbreak a new disease or something much more dire?

Together Jake and Lance must find the cause before others are infected … and before they come down with the plague themselves.


When an unknown disease starts affecting some campers, have two biologists the ability to unmask the source of the trouble?

Jake and Lance are going into field work, investigating an outbreak of a mysterious disease that is affecting the visitors of a lakeside campground. They have to risk themselves, in order to prevent this illness from killing more people.

The plot was interesting; it had a fast pace and it was very easy to get into the story. I have a soft spot for medical mysteries and this was very nice. It wasn’t too complex, and the author managed to keep it intriguing.

Jake was a little annoying at times, complaining of everything, but not enough to make him unlikable; they both were nice characters.

I didn’t see much romance here, I don’t think readers looking for a heartfelt and breathtaking romance would be too happy about it. But what I did see, was a very nice established couple, with strong feelings for each other, that had learn to work together and are capable of taking care of one another. It was great to see the interactions between them.

The book was nice, but it was too short. I think the length compromised not only the plot, by making it a bit simpler, but also the main character’s relationship that wasn’t too developed. I also felt a little lost about the cover which doesn’t make any sense for the story.

Overall it was a very nice book, fun and easy to read. I know I had a few issues about it but all of them weren’t enough to stop me from enjoying it. It was very entertaining and I think anyone will be able to like it.

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