Review: Bitten by Eden Darry




Dr Gray Davis is looking for a peaceful, sun-filled holiday on a remote island, but then she meets Beau Pickford. The attraction is immediate.

Unfortunately for them, Brody Douglas is also on holiday, and a stone carving he finds by the river makes him sick—sick enough to kill him. But when he awakens, he’s not who he was before, and Gray and Beau find they have to fight for their lives and a way off the island.



This book was amazing, I just couldn’t put it down. It was so full of action, I loved it.

Gray is taking some time off work and a remote island it’s the perfect place to get the peaceful environment she is looking for. Doesn’t hurt her plans that Beau, a beautiful and seductive woman, is looking for a summer fling, and Grey appeared to be the one she put her eyes on. But things began to be a little uncomfortable when Brody’s illness starts put everyone in danger.


It started nice, but as I kept reading it was getting better and better. I liked workaholic Gray who seemed unable to get herself some rest and how Beau manage to put down that hard cover and have some fun. Both characters were really nice, I liked Beau better, she was charming.


The story was told from the points of view of Gray, Beau and Brody, I liked the parts when he intervened, it was a little disconnected from Gray and Beau’s story but it was important for the plot, which was great. Near the half of the book everything stared to be so exciting, there was a lot of action and I just wasn’t able to put the book down, it was so good.


The relationship between Gray and Beau was nice, it was believable and it didn’t feel forced even under the circumstances they lived. I really enjoyed reading this book, I think it can be enjoy by readers who like action and paranormal stories.


* I Received copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

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