Review: Solace by Scarlet Blackwell




On Christmas Eve, Dorian wanders the streets looking for a companion with whom to spend the evening. He happens upon Benedict, a rent boy who solicits him. They spend an evening filled with delights of the flesh, but the conversation afterward takes them to an unexpected place.

Two lonely people from different classes find more than a night of passion over a holiday.



This was a nice short story.

At the beginning I felt a little sadness around Dorian and Benedict, which I really liked.  What it intrigued me most about it was the backstory each of the main characters had. They both sound very interesting, and I wanted to know where they came from, but it take them too little time talking about it and it felt like the emotions were a little disconnected at that time. I guess it might be the length of the book that didn’t allow more character development, but what I knew about them was good.


Both main characters were nice, but the relationship they shared felt a little unrealistic to me, too much too fast. I wish they would have spent more time knowing each other and a little less in bed, but that’s just me, I think other readers might enjoy the sex scenes.


The plot was nice, appropriate for the moment in time it was meant to be.  I had a bit of an issue with the language used. I guess it might be because I’m not used to read historical books, but that was just for a few pages, after a while I get used to it and it was easier to read.


Overall it was nice, I enjoy reading it, and I think reader who like historical books might enjoy it too.


* I Received copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

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