Review: Hunting the Werecroc by Lyssa Dering

Hunting the Werecroc



Bex—or whatever name he chooses for the night—is a shifter hunter. Though he’s still working on his reputation as such, he has several pretty skins under his belt so far, most of them belonging to cats and wolves. When he runs into a werecroc by chance, a violent breed with rare and valuable skin, he decides to go after him, even though he isn’t prepared for such a target. It’ll be research, he reasons, and therefore hardly a risk. But Bex has a sordid past involving shifters, and with this new animal in his midst, he finds himself sharing too much. The werecroc, despite his nature, seems kinder and safer than the shifters Bex has dealt with before. Can he bury his prejudice and let go, finally? Or is the safety he’s feeling an illusion, something a predator uses to ensnare its prey?

This story is a little under 6,000 words and is only for readers aged 18 and older since it features dark, adult themes… and possibly some questionable descriptions of crocodile genitalia.

NOTE: Previously published as “A Rare and Dangerous Breed.”





This was very different of what I’m used to, but it was good. I wasn’t expecting to like it too much, because the word “werecroc” didn’t sound like something I would regularly like, but I enjoyed reading it so much more than I thought.


Bex is a shifter hunter looking for his next prey. When he runs into a rare and very dangerous werecroc, he isn’t sure if he has the ability to face such deadly creature. But appearances can be deceitful, and the werecroc might not be what Bex had expected.


I really liked this story. I think the plot was very interesting and I enjoyed the fast pace it had, it was very exciting. I liked both characters, they were nice. But I think I liked Bex better, even though I find his conduct reproachable. Maybe it was because the story was told from his point of view and I felt like I was able to be more in touch with his feeling than with Asa’s. It probably isn’t the most romantic story I’ve read, but for the short time shared by the main characters, I think it was enough and it didn’t seemed forced.


The things I didn’t like were the length, I enjoyed the story and I would love it to be a little longer. I felt liked it was a little rushed at the end. I also felt a little annoyed by Asa’s reaction to some things told by Bex. I think he was so inappropriate about it, that make so angry at him. At least he transmit an emotion to me, but it was so annoying.


I think it was a nice story, but I would recommend to read the warning in the book description before reading it because it contain possible triggers. That said, I would definitely recommend it to reader who like shifter stories.

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