Audio Book Review : The Lion of Kent by Aleksandr Voinov and Kate Cotoner

The Lion of Kent



Squire William Raven has only one goal—to finally receive his spurs and become a knight. When his lord, Sir Robert de Cantilou, returns from a five-year crusade in the Holy Land, William wants nothing more than to impress him.

After Sir Robert’s return, noble guests arrive from France, bringing intrigue to the castle. William is oblivious to the politics, as he’s distracted by nightly visits from a faceless lover—a man who pleasures him in the dark and then leaves—a man he soon discovers is none other than his master, Sir Robert.

But William can’t ignore the scheming around him when he overhears a plot to murder Robert. He becomes intent on saving his lord and lover from those who would see him killed.




I liked this story, it was interesting.


Generally I’m not attracted to historical books, but in this case, the moment in time this story was set, was one of the things I liked the most. I loved getting to know about knights and squires


The plot was good, I liked the non-romantic part of the story.  It had some very intriguing moments and it was fun. I listen to the audio version of the book and the narrator had a nice voice. I had a little trouble in the beginning trying to understand the change of characters, but after a while I get used to it and it was easier to know who was talking. I think the narrator made a wonderful job with Robert’s brother, using a high tone that compliment perfectly how annoying that character was, I really enjoyed that part, and loved to hate that character.


I wasn’t too convinced by the romantic part of the book, I didn’t feel Robert care enough for William, and in William’s case I feel it was more a loyalty thing than true love. But that didn’t diminish my interest in the story.


Overall it was an entertaining book, I liked it and I would recommend it to reader who enjoy historical books.

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