Review: Sicario (World’s End #2) by Kai Tyler

Sicario (World's End, #2)



One hit man.
One slave.
One death wish.

Sold by his parents and bred in a lab, Lexan Cesare is trained for one purpose—to execute his boss’s orders. In the mafia life, loyalty is everything. Emotions have no place and he never questions the rights or wrongs of the decisions that send him to terminate lives again and again.

Until one assignment draws emotions he’s never felt before and makes him question his true loyalties.

Enzo Mattia has been ripped apart from his family and everything he knows and sold into slavery. He swears to mete revenge on all who have wronged him.
First he has to escape from his new owner, Lexan, a man who captivates him and makes him want to act on impulses he’s suppressed for a long time. Impulses that can lead to death.

But the world is in flux and loyalties shift at the speed of a bullet. Betrayal abounds and falling in love is just a death wish.

This is a full length male/male romantic thriller set on a dystopian earth.




This is book 2 on a series. I really enjoyed it. It had some interesting characters and it had a lot of unexpected evets that keep me guessing all the time. It was very good.


It’s set up in a world control by the mafia, it had some dystopian elements, but I don’t think this particular part was well developed. It was ok, but I don’t think it would be too much different if it was set up in the present.

The plot was so interesting, I liked the twists it had, and I liked the part the characters from the previous book played on this one.  It might be the second book of the series, but I think the connection of the events on Duce, are disconnected enough, to make this one work fine as a standalone, and even though the characters play a part in the plot, it’s not necessary to know them before to make it understandable.  It had a fast pace most of the time, and it had a lot of action. The book address slavery, but I felt like it wasn’t that important in the development of the plot.


The characters were very interesting. I liked to see how the dynamic between the main characters worked. Lexan was a great character, I liked him the most, but I did felt like it was a little difficult to get in touch with his feelings. I’m not sure if it was on purpose, I guess it could be, since his profession might require that particular feature, but at times it felt a little odd.  Enzo was nice, I liked when he was in control, those times where the best of him. The secondary characters were very likable too, I don’t think I dislike any of them, not even the bad guys.

The relationship Enzo and Lexan had was nice, it was believable. Perhaps it begin a little too rushed for my tasted, but in general it was really good. The moments they had together were great.


Overall, it was a nice book. I enjoyed reading it and I think any reader who liked books that involved mafia would like it.


*Book provided by NetGalley.

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