Review: Good as Gold (Heroes at Heart #4) by Susan Laine

Good as Gold (Heroes at Heart, #4)




It’s been two and a half years since aspiring writer Yancy Bell met troubled jock Curt Donovan. Yancy works at the NY Public Library, and Curt is studying dance at Juilliard. It’s summer in New York City, and the devoted couple couldn’t be happier together.

Yancy’s book is the story of Curt’s survival of depression and attempted suicide. When his former English professor, Hume, encourages him, Yancy is surprised and pleased—only to be devastated when Hume commits an unethical act. This adversity leads Yancy to a new understanding of depression as he spirals down to his lowest point ever.

It’s Curt’s turn to step up to the plate and become Yancy’s hero.




Another great story from this lovely series. It’s a delight to read such beautifully made characters.

Yancy and Curt had dealt with a lot of troubles in their relationship and, finally, everything seems right on track. Yancy has put all his effort on writing a book about Curt’s story of depression and suicide attempt. But when Yancy’s former professor commits an unethical act, everything he’d done appeared to be worthless and his well being is put in jeopardy.

This was a nice change of the usual roles. This time is Curt’s time to help Yancy to deal with his problems. It was so beautiful to see the way the relationship has grown. I can’t get enough of this couple, they are really sweet when they are together. They both are great characters. The way they interact with each other and the love I perceived from them was my favorite part of the book.

I had a little trouble getting into Yancy’s emotions this time around. There was something that made me feel disconnected, but that only was on his feelings about the issue the plot is centered on. When it comes to his relationship with Curt, it felt real.

The plot is very interesting and at the same time, very frustrating to see something like that happening. It was a very entertaining reading; it definitely was a bit lighter but, of course, it wasn’t free of conflict. The length might be shorter than the previous books, but that didn’t change the fact that the author managed to create a great plot and believable emotions, so that was okay with me.

In general, it was a very interesting, well written and sweet story. I think it can be easily enjoy by any reader who enjoy M/M pairing.


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