Review: All About the Boy by P.A. Friday

All About the Boy



Some men like gentle loving—others like to switch up the power. In P.A. Friday’s collection of stories, explore the raunchier, edgier side of lust—a space where domination and control can be the greatest turn-on.

From Stefan finding out the hard way just how straight he isn’t, Jake who has to learn to behave or take his punishment, to Kel juggling two very different lovers at his workplace, doing what you’re told has never been sexier




This was a great book. I enjoyed it so much. It’s a collection of short stories, each of them was great and very different from the previous one. I loved them all.


Pretty Little Straight Boy

This was very fun and entertaining, the lightest of the three in terms of dominance, but very good.

In this story Rufus and his friends are having fun and drinking around the campsite, when a spontaneous game, lead to unexpected events.

I liked it very much. The characters were likable, I liked Rufus more than the others and it was nice to see how he react to what was going on. I had a little trouble with Stefan, I didn’t liked the way he acted so much. It seemed a little unrealistic. I felt like he was too fast, at least for my taste, but I guess that was ok for the plot and the length of the story. The parts where they were together were amazing, just a great turn on, it was really good.


Making Amends

This was, by far, my favorite. I loved to hate Leo, it was so easy for me to get in touch with Jake’s feelings. It was great.

Jake has fail to behave properly and now Alessandro has to make sure he gets an appropriate punishment.

This was extremely hot, it got my full attention from the beginning. I just loved the characters so much, they were so well made, especially Jake. For some reason I was very attracted to Leo, even though he generate such negative emotions in me. When I start reading it, I just hate him, but still there was something about him that was great, I don’t think he was created to be a likable character, but I end up loving him. This was the most interesting plot for me. I really enjoyed reading this story.


Office Politics

Kel has learn that pleasing a lover, sometimes, means completely different things at the workplace.

This was another nice story. I found Kel very fascinating. He was like nothing I’ve read before and it was nice to see the way he was willing to behave under the different circumstances he was facing. I was a little annoyed by him when the story was in the middle, but there was only for a few moments. In general he was a very interesting character.


In general it was a great book, really hot, with nice characters and very fun to read. I would recommend it to reader who enjoy reading stories with elements of Dominance.


* I Received copy of this book from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

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