Review: Reading Steele: A Motorcycle Bad Boy M/M Romance

Reading Steele: A Motorcycle Bad Boy M/M Romance



Bitten by a mutant scorpion in a motorcycle club initiation gone wrong, former rich kid Damon awakens with the power to read minds.

Damon doesn’t belong in this Arizona town. Until a few months ago, he was out and proud and studying theater in his Brooklyn prep school. Then his father went to prison, and Damon was shipped off to live with his redneck uncle. There’s no way he’s joining his cousin’s MC– even if one of the riders has the most amazing hazel eyes.
Steele figures the New York boy can’t be interested in a guy covered in dragon tats. But he wants Damon near him just the same. Why not initiate him into the MC? It’s one bite. They’ve all gone through it.  But who knew that this particular scorpion’s bite would give Damon the power to see straight into Steele’s soul?

“Reading Steele” is a 14,000 word, 54 page novella about two eighteen-year-olds from different worlds who find out they have more in common than they ever suspected. This bad boy male/male romance includes strong language and some sexual situations. It’s a complete Happy For Now story with no cliffhangers and no cheating.

I really liked the way the book begin. It had something fun about the way the Damon thinks about the Motorcycle Club guys, I really love how mocking he was about the way they conduct themselves, it was very entertaining. The pace was ok for most of the book, but I felt like the ending was a little rushed and it finished leaving a lot of questions in the air.

It had an interesting concept, but after a while of Damon’s ability to listening into people’s thoughts it became a little predictable, and I was expecting it to go away and that the story would only concentrate in the relationship between Damon and Steele, which sort of did, but I wanted that particular feature of Damon to disappear. It also made me feel angry at him because it is a really mean thing to do, to know what people think, and not tell them. I think that made him a little unlikable for me.

Steele was ok, but I don’t think really got to know him, only some of his thoughts. What I knew of him was nice, he was very unsecure guy behind a hard cover. I can’t help to think Damon take advantage of him, I really feel bad for him.

The plot was nice, but I think it would be just fine without the mind reading stuff. I wasn’t too sure about the bad guys, they didn’t convinced me too much, they were a little soft for what they were portraying.

Overall it was a nice book to read, I enjoy most of it and even with the issues I had, it was fun to read.

I Received copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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