Review: Personal Trainer Book 1 by Turner Kane

Personal Trainer Book 1




“I always hoped it would be with someone special. Someone like you.”

Kyle Baker is a personal trainer eager to make it on his own in a new and exciting city. But by moving away from home, he’s also leaving his best friend, Pearson, behind him. Despite the opportunities, and all the hot guys he encounters in his new life is he missing out on the chance of true love? And what exactly is going on in the mysterious back room of the gym where he has just started work?

“Even though I moved away I want you to know how much you still mean to me.”

Book 1 in the Personal Trainer series. 10,000 word M/M erotic romance series with an HEA. Contains sexually explicit material unsuitable for anyone under 18




Kyle is a personal trainer who is moving away from home, or rather his best friend’s home, looking for a new life. But leaving also means to giving up the possibility of a new relationship, that haven’t being explore in order to keep their friendship intact. Now that the day to part has come, Kyle face decisions that might change the way he and Pearson see each other.

The writing was very good, that part was nice, the only issue I had about it is that I would like a more romantic language, but it was nice. Kyle was a little frustrating main character, I just wasn’t too convinced by his feelings and he was too fast to jump from one guy to another. Is something I just can’t stand in a main character and maybe that’s why I didn’t care much for him. He just felt so detached from feelings.

I felt like there was just too much sex scenes and it take away time for a better developed story I think a reader who is looking for stories that center mostly on detailed sex scenes, this one would be fine, but I kind of hope there would be some more romance. It does leaves the reader with the possibility of more, which was interesting, I end up wondering where things will go for Kyle.

I guess it wasn’t the right book for me. There were some things I liked of it, near the end there’s a mystery beginning to show and it leaves the book with a nice hook for a next one.

I Received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review.

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