Review: His Faithful Sword (The Conqueror’s Way #2) by C.K. Gold

His Faithful Sword (The Conqueror's Way, #2)




His Faithful Sword is the direct sequel to His Catalyst and concludes The Conqueror’s Way duology.

Bitter secrets, giant monsters, and no heroes: it’s the end of the world.

As a plague of monsters hunts down the remnants of mankind, Iskan and his lover, the sorcerer Terebin, must unravel the curse that turned Terebin’s people into the very beasts now ravaging the land.

But monsters may be the least of Iskan’s concerns.. His countrymen are responsible for the dire curse, and neither healing nor trust can come easily. Has Terebin accepted his sword out of love, or simply desperation?

Time is also running out, even with new discoveries that point to a cure.. Terebin’s grip on humanity is slipping, but Iskan won’t be the one to cut his accursed lover down.

A monstrous winter is closing in, and Iskan’s sword may not be enough…

Warning: This adventure includes steamy sex scenes, giant monster battles, theological arguments, a dose of profanity, and an HEA ending!



It was very hard not to compare it to His Catalyst, in some aspect this was so much better, but in others it feel like it lack some of the things I liked before.


Being a little more specific, one of the things I think it was better was that the book center in an specific plot. The previous one felt like there were too much things going on and Terebin and Iskan were jumping from one problem to another, sometimes it felt disorganized and, this time around, that improve a lot. I also liked that I got to know Iskan a little bit more, he wasn’t a character I care too much for, but what I knew from him in this book change that.


It was very oriented to the adventure, it took a little time on Iskan and Terebin’s relationship, but something felt broken among them. I didn’t believe so much their feelings from each other, mostly coming from Terebin, and it was so frustrating, I kind of feel like he was only using Iskan and I didn’t liked how much Terebin had change since the events in His Catalyst. Still there were some changes he had that were very nice, but I’m not commenting on them or why I liked it for possible spoilers.


“A dose of profanity” is a warning in the blurb, i don’t know why it bother me so much, but it did. I think it got to do with what I expect from each character. Terebin seemed like a bit sweeter in the previous book and now the language he used was far from what I imagine his way to talk would be.


The adventure part was nice, I don’t generally like fighting scenes, but they were ok. In general was nice, I enjoy reading it and I think reader who like adventures might enjoys it too.


* I received a copy of this book from the Author.

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