Review: Hurt by Sam Tepes




Eighteen year old Micah has lost everything. His parents are going through a nasty divorce and the world seems to have abandoned him. He might as well not exist. Some trouble with loan sharks lead him to a man they call Wacko Rey who cuts a deal with Micah to keep him alive. But Rey isn’t called “Wacko” for nothing and Micah is about to find that out for himself when the night takes an unexpected turn.

(2 shorts)



This was a very intense reading, I really liked it. There’s two short story here, very different from one another but the two of them are really good. I knew about this book after reading a review from an author I like, I’m very glad I give it a try because it’s great


Hurt is the first one. It had Micah, who is struggling to survive in a world very different than where he comes from. That makes him take some difficult choices that puts him where he is now. This was a great story, so unexpected, I enjoyed it so much. It was very interesting to see Micah’s reactions and the decisions he take. It was very dark and with some strong emotions, very good story.


Circular is the second story, It doesn’t say much about it in the summary, but I won’t say too much either because I think most comments about it might bring come possible spoilers. The only thing I have to say about it is that is very different from Hurt, but is just as good, the characters, especially Rex, had some interesting way to think.


Both stories were amazing, I enjoyed both just as much. It was interesting to see the dark side of human beings and, at some points, try to understand the way they think. A very nicely done book. But It might not be appropriate to everyone, I strongly recommend to read the tags before reading, it contain some elements that might be offensive to some readers, so beware before reading it.

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