Review: Temper: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story: Season One (Episode Five) by R. Phoenix

Temper: A Ripples in the Status Quo Story: Season One (Episode Five)



Only one thing can keep Ashton safe from the supernatural predators who made the world into their depraved, twisted playground after the Takeover–but it’s the one thing that would steal the last remnants of his freedom. At every turn, society confronts Reese and Ashton with the way humans are treated as mere playthings to be used and discarded. When they realize their own desires and pride have no place in the status quo, Ashton and his werewolf lover understand they’ll have to engage in the deadly games played by those in charge if they want to make a difference.

But Reese isn’t a diplomat, and Ash is only human. Together, they must decide if they’re willing to work with the devil they know in what might change everything or rely on their consciences in a world that has no place for kindness or honor… and if they’re ready to sacrifice everything along the way.

Temper contains depictions of especially graphic sexual violence.


From light to grey to dark, follow those who test and defy the status quo’s subjugation of humans. In a world where the supernatural reign supreme, only love can set off the ripples that could change this depraved world for the better. But will the cost be too high?

‘Bought,’ ‘Ravel,’ and ‘Recoil’ feature different characters whose lives begin to come together in ‘Owned’ and ‘Temper.’

1. Bought – Jace & Elias.
2. Ravel – Ashton & Reese.
3. Recoil – Khaz & Noah.
4. Owned – Khaz & Noah, Jace & Elias.
5. Temper – Ashton & Reese, Jace & Elias.

*Please note that the RISQ world has little place for humanity, and as a result, content in these works may contain graphic scenes of depravity, cruelty, and violence–sexual or otherwise–that could be offensive and potentially triggering to some readers.*



The more I keep reading from this series, the more I keep falling in love with it. I just loved it. This book was one of my favorites, perhaps my number two, being the number one the first one because it captivated me enough to keep me reading the next in the series and because it put on the spotlight the amazing character Elias.


This book was really great, I liked it from the beginning. It was great to see where Ash and Resse’s relationship stand at this point, I loved the interactions between them. The discussions and the romantic moments they shared were beautiful. It was bittersweet to see the things they had to struggle with, but I had a great time reading about it. I think some reader might not enjoyed as much as I did because it had some very violent moments that might be  consider before reading.


The plot was nice, I didn’t like too much where the story went, especially in the last pages, maybe because of what it might meant in the future, but it was definitely interesting and probably most readers will be ok with it.


I really had a good time reading this book, I did missed Khaz but this time around I got to care so much more about Resse and Ashton that I did in the previous books. The only issue I have about the book was that I would like more Elias on it. I was very happy with what I got, but I feel like I can never have enough of that character, there is something about him that just make me smile each time he’s on page. I hope I get more of him in the next one, but I still loved this one very much.

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