Review: Manikin (Channeling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion #3) by Jordan Castillo Price

Manikin (Channeling Morpheus, #3)



Marushka loves pretty things: lace and velvet, porcelain and pearls. She sews elaborate costumes for all of her dolls, and she spends hours arranging their hair just so. Her collection is growing; she’s added a very pretty trinket, and his name is Michael. She can’t wait to dress him up.

Michael always suspected mentally ill vampires grew worse and worse as the years went by. He’d never realized how unhinged they could get.

Now Michael is in way over his head. Will Wild Bill save him? Or was it only wishful thinking on Michael’s part that their connection ran deeper than sex or blood?

First edition was published as Channeling Morpheus: Manikin in 2008. Appears in the print collection Channeling Morpheus for Scary Mary.




I’m not sure about this books, I do liked them since I keep coming back to the next in the series, but there’s something about them that just isn’t completely right for me. I think it might be the fact that I don’t feel any real emotion from either of the main characters, I feel like the only thing that got them together is lust, and other than that, I don’t think they really care for each other.


This, the third in the series, had something that I liked more than the other. I felt very intrigued by Marushka, I think she could have been such a greater characters than she was, I wished I could know more of her, I liked her very much and I hope I will find characters as interesting as her in the next parts of the series.


It was interesting, It was a fun book to read, and I will keep reading the next but I’m not expecting a deep connection between Wild Bill and Michael, I don’t think that’s where the story is going, but it was surely a nice story to read.

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