Review: Act One: Safe Travels by Kari Gregg

Act One: Safe Travels (For Whom the Heart Stone Burns, #1)



Becket built his life around unbelief in the magic Theo, his uncle and guardian, had devoted his all to…until Theo vanished. Grief-stricken, Becket followed Theo’s clues, sending him through a stone grid to Ket. With no magical ability, Becket must find Theo in a land where dragons roam the lowlands and magic evolved in men and women who aren’t apex predators and have settled in high aeries to survive.

Locating his uncle, however, is the easy part. Becket is a bibelot – non-magical. And Theo is recovering from a wild magic storm that hit his expedition to the lowlands. He can’t control his power.

They can’t go home.

Elders will permit a second expedition and Theo’s sole hope of obtaining frequency stone to stabilize his magic, but only if he allows seers to scry Becket’s sentinel first. Too bad the protector scried for Becket is Theo’s rival in this strange otherworld, another caster named Kellan Fik. And Kellan knows Theo and Becket aren’t what they seem.

Handfasting his enemy may be Becket’s best and only chance.



It was a nice book, I didn’t liked it that much but it had some good moments. It was a little confusing at some parts, wither the book was that way or I was too distracted, but it should have been able to keep my interest and in some parts it wasn’t.

I did like some parts, I liked the MC, he was nice. I also liked some of the final moments, it felt like the story was a little slow at the beginning but near the end it was very fast and in those last pages I on the edge to know what would happen, it was very interesting.

I think one of the issues I had was that I don’t think there was a good mixture between the contemporary and fantastic elements, it felt odd.

I also wasn’t too fond on Theo, he seemed a little selfish and, as much as I try, I just couldn’t believe he had any interest in helping Becket.

Overall it was ok, I enjoyed some of the parts, some I didn’t, but I see that some readers had liked it a lot, so it might be just not the right book for me.

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