Review: Rebirth (Channeling Morpheus/Sweet Oblivion #5) by Jordan Castillo Price

Rebirth (Channeling Morpheus, #5)



Michael never put much stock in clichés, but there’s one he probably should have listened to: You can never go home again.

His family assures him that plenty of young people take a few semesters off between high school and college, that a year of travel is practically a prerequisite nowadays. His father can pull a few strings, and he’ll be a freshman at ISU by September.

Michael has neglected to tell them that he’s not just driving around aimlessly, stopping only to have sex with his chain-smoking boyfriend—that, in fact, he’s hunting vampires.

After a disastrous family reunion, Michael unearths a vampire commune where he and Wild Bill can settle down. But Michael is the only human in residence, and the other vampires can’t stop themselves from sniffing around him.

In the words of Wild Bill, “This can’t be good.”



Another fun story in this series. I liked it just as the others. I did miss Wild Bill’s point of view, but I still find it fun and entertaining.

There were parts of this story that made it especially fun for me. I liked the part the family played in this one, I didn’t liked them but it was interesting to see where Michael come from.

I also liked some characters that were presented in the last pages, and the possessiveness I felt from Wild Bill, it was a little unexpected but It was great to see the way he reacted.

The moments between the main characters take a lot of the spot light in this as in the other parts of the series, there are so amazing, it’s great to read them. At this point, I’m already hook to their relationship, It was a little hard to believe there was more than lust in the beginning, but now they are at some point that I do believe they care for each other, even though the time they’ve been together seemed to be really short. Overall, another great story.

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