Review: Abducted for Life by Maia Dylan

Abducted for Life



He was just abducted, and he never felt freer…

Liam “Lee” Hallion has an assignment: kill the one person in the world he’s cared about since losing his parents. When he discovers that nothing in his life is what he thought it was, he decides to make a stand and take the head of the snake who betrayed him—and the first step of his plan is to abduct the man’s son.

Scott Majors has no idea why he’d been abducted, but he is going to try everything he can to escape. When he discovers the true identity of the man who abducted him, his urge to escape quickly becomes a desperate desire to be kept.

Can Liam and Scott survive the evil hell-bent on ending them both, or will this abduction end in blood?



Being abducted might be one of the last problems Scott has to deal with in ABDUCTED FOR LIFE. His captor might not be who he thinks it is and the whole situation could be far from what he’s expecting.

Scott has been abducted and is trying as hard as he can to escape from his captor. But when he knows his captor’s identity and motives, Scott start seeing things a little differently and escaping becomes one of the last things on his mind.

The first half of the book was very interesting; it was great trying to guess the motives for Lee’s actions, but I had a little problem with the last pages. It felt too rushed and wasn’t as enjoyable as the beginning; it also felt a bit unrealistic.

I liked the characters, they both were nice. I liked Lee the most, but their relationship felt forced. I think it was developed too fast to believe the feelings for each other were real, but this might only be my perceptions because I’m more attracted to slow burn romances. They shared some nice moments together that most readers will enjoy.

The plot was good. I was very intrigued by the whole situation and how things might work. It had very few moments of action, which was a nice thing because it’s centered mostly in trying to create a connection between the main characters. I was expecting a darker plot but I really liked where it went. Overall an enjoyable reading that can be liked by any reader.
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