Review: The Cobbler’s Soleless Son by Meredith Katz

The Cobbler's Soleless Son



Everyone expects Renart Walker to follow in his mother’s footsteps and become the cobbler for their little demon-ruled town. That’d be the proper thing to do: keep his head down, live his quiet human life, and try not to get too involved with demons. But Renart has never been terribly concerned with proper, and he isn’t interested in a quiet life. His interests are a little more ambitious: he’s aiming to catch himself a demon prince.

As a human, he’d never be allowed to even get close to Prince Hrahez. The only solution is to make a bargain with a demon, and everyone knows what they want. Still, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and he’s got a plan—but it involves tricking a demon. If it doesn’t work, nobody in town would want to be in his shoes.



A fun fairytale-like dark story of deceive and and lust.

Renart is the cobbler’s son, and everyone expects him to follow his mother’s footsteps becoming the new cobber. But he had his eyes on a different life; he is looking to meet a demon prince and become his lover. But it is not an easy task and, in order to achieve his objectives, Renart has to take a risk making a deal with a demon in hopes it’ll work as he has planned it.

The story was very entertaining. It felt sort of like a fairy tale but with some dark touch in it. I like how creepy the demons look like, it was fun trying to imagine them. The plot was very good, I was surprised by how everything went, so unexpected and it also had some humorous moments I really enjoyed.

The characters were a bit of an issue for me though. I didn’t feel like Renart was likable, he just acted without thinking of the consequences and that was very annoying. He seemed to be moved only by lust and I didn’t felt like there was any real emotion coming from him. Prince Hrahez was a nice character, fun and enigmatic. I don’t think I got to know him too well, but it worked fine in the storyline. The relationship they had was a little too short to get too much involved in it, but the time they had together was very nice.

Overall it was very fun to read, I think it can be enjoyed by any reader.

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