Review: Coming Up by Al Stewart and Debbie McGowan

Coming Up




Dear Dad,

God, how to start?

I’m not really a girl. I know I look like one, but it’s all a horrible mistake.

Every day I try to hide it, but I’m so tired. I don’t want to hide it. I don’t think I can much longer.

So what I want, Dad, is a sex change. They won’t let me have one until I go to counselling, but that’s okay. I don’t mind that. I’ve got nothing to lose.

Dad, I’ve got a girlfriend. ‘Cause I’m a boy. Only, she doesn’t know.

But, Dad. If I have the operation, she need never know.

Dad, I love her. So much.



This was such a beautiful and bittersweet short story. I really loved it.

It is a bit short, but in those few words manage to create a lovely story full of strong emotions. It was so easy to fall in love with the main character and it was absolutely heartbreaking to see his struggle for acceptance. The letters he made are so hard to read, so simple words and yet so strong and hard to say.

Danielle was an interesting character too, I had a lot of doubt about her and I must admit I was very fast in judge her. She gave me an interesting lesson.

Anna’s family was also an interesting element, they felt absent, even in the short appearances some made, they still feel like they weren’t present, I guess it would be what it felt like for the MC.

What I liked the most of the book was the emotions it transmit. It was very easy to feel what they feel, and manage to do such thing in few words, was great. I don’t think I would forget this story anytime soon. I would recommend it to any reader, it’s really good.

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