Review: The Flesh Cartel, Season 1: Damnation (The Flesh Cartel #1-2)

The Flesh Cartel, Season 1: Damnation



“Sublime service, made to order.” The Flesh Cartel: an international, multi-billion-dollar black market that trades in lost souls. Or more specifically, their bodies.

Highly organized and frighteningly efficient, the Flesh Cartel could teach even the KGB a thing or two about breaking a human mind. Fortunately for their ultra-rich clients, they’re just as skilled at putting people back together again-as perfect pets, well-trained and eager to please.

No matter what your secret tastes or dark desires, the Flesh Cartel-for the right price, of course-will hand-design the plaything of your dreams.

This collection contains:

The Flesh Cartel #1: Capture
The Flesh Cartel #2: Auction

Warnings: explicit violence, forced incest, non-consent




First and the most important thing about this book is the reader MUST read the warnings, take them very seriously.  That being said, this was amazing, absolutely dark and really great.

The plot was so good, so intriguing, it was thrilling to know what would come next, and it was very hard to guess it. The characters were nice, I liked Dougie a lot more than Mat, but they were both really great. I think one of the things I enjoyed the most was the relationship between them and how much they were willing to risk for the other’s safety.

The bad guy were brutal, there wasn’t a specific villain or at least not one that was developed enough to actually being known as the main one. I would prefer it to be different, even if only to know to who direct my anger.

Is the first season of five, which is a good thing, because I don’t get a good feeling of end when I finished reading it. Just the contraire, it looked like the beginning of something, hopefully something as dark and twisted as this story was. I already have the other books of the series and I can’t wait to keep reading it.

This, surely, is not a book for everybody, is very dark and violent, so I recommend to read very carefully the warnings, but if any reader is looking for dark theme stories, this one is a very good one.

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